Why labeling matters in the supply chain

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Streamline Your Supply Chain

How labeling software cuts costs, drives compliance and creates transparency

  • 7 labeling challenges facing the supply chain
  • 7 benefits of an automated labeling system
  • How the right labeling software helps maintain compliance
  • All about e-labeling, and why it’s important
  • The future of labeling: 4 trends to watch

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Why labeling matters in the supply chain

Supply chains have grown increasingly complex with unique business rules, industry guidelines and evolving standards. At times, it’s challenging to keep up with the fast pace of enterprise business while meeting customer demands. Supply chain visibility between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, logistics providers and other stakeholders is crucial to streamlining processes and preventing costly errors.

To increase visibility and drive efficiency and accuracy, a secure, reliable labeling solution is key. Enterprise labeling and barcoding software help organizations quickly respond to rapidly changing, competitive environments by integrating with other business systems. Their automated processes minimize labeling challenges and make for simple barcode and label design, global change management and effective printing. No matter where you operate in the world, labeling software drives compliance.

Choosing the right labeling software is an important aspect of an efficient supply chain. Continue reading to learn more about what barcode and label software is, the future of labeling and how it can benefit your business.

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The cost of inefficient labeling

A complicated labeling system can be costly for organizations trying to manage a complex supply chain. Complexities lead to poor visibility, which fosters inefficiencies. One study found that 77% of firms surveyed felt they had no visibility or a limited view. This lack of visibility results in common disruptions that can lead to higher costs related to poor traceability. Labeling errors, logistics problems, noncompliance or production downtime are all potential disruptors.

Yet, with a comprehensive, reliable labeling solution, supply chain visibility is drastically improved. The right labeling solution ensures important data is visible at all levels of the supply chain. The accurate creation of barcodes and RFID tags helps organizations satisfy compliance standards. It also allows them to remain agile when changes are made or recalls occur. Far less time is wasted trying to identify products, where they’re from or where they’re going.

A key component of an effective enterprise labeling solution is one that provides total interoperability. The solution should seamlessly integrate with existing business systems and workflows. One of the benefits of automated labeling software is how easy it is to integrate with systems like Oracle SAP, ERP and WMS. You can quickly link data to your labels, simplifying the supply chain to reduce costs.

Streamline the supply chain with labeling software

The complex nature of enterprise labeling isn’t changing anytime soon. Global business environments require attention to regional nuances, language requirements, regulatory guidelines, industry standards and respect for unique customer needs — all in addition to your own business goals and processes.

Labeling isn’t one-size-fits-all. By combining labeling and barcoding best practices with effective solutions for dynamic, global businesses, you can turn costly inefficiencies into money-saving opportunities. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, food and beverage or transportation industry, you are sure to be met with rigorous labeling requirements. Regardless of the industry, it is imperative to integrate the right data with the right labels. An outdated, manual labeling system simply can’t keep up with the demands of today’s global supply chain.

Using automated labeling software allows you to easily integrate with existing business systems. Discover how to successfully manage label regulations along with the ever-evolving nature of your supply chain. Save your business time and money while maintaining your competitive edge in today’s global market. This guide will help you learn more about what labeling software does and how it can help you streamline your supply chain.

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