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Major filtration manufacturer looks to BarTender to organize thousands of label files and eliminate errors


A filtration manufacturer enlists BarTender to standardize thousands of existing label files and create unified design parameters, greatly reducing manufacturer errors and customer complaints.

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A worldwide filtration manufacturer needed an updated solution for labeling its products, shipment boxes, and pallets. Previously, there was no standardized process for document management, label design, or label validation. The manufacturer had accumulated thousands of label files, and label designs were inconsistent and frequently flawed. They relied on warehouse workers to manually check for mistakes prior to shipment. As a result, most customer complaints were about incorrect labels.


The Seagull Scientific Professional Services team worked with the manufacturer to design and deploy a scalable document management and data validation solution. After remotely installing and activating the BarTender® 2022 Enterprise Edition, the team configured a BarTender Librarian workflow with a connection to the manufacturer’s Windows Active Directory. Following the configuration, the Solutions Consultants consolidated and redesigned the manufacturer’s disordered library of label files into a standardized set of label designs, allowing warehouse workers to easily select the appropriate label from any PC and minimize the creation of new label designs.

Looking to improve data validation, the team designed data entry forms that are specific to each label design. At print time, the warehouse worker enters data into the form where it will either pull data from the manufacturer’s backend or be subject to field restrictions such as predetermined inputs, specified data types, and/or number of characters. The Solutions Consultants further mitigated the risk of label errors by building a connection from the print engines to third-party cameras that scan labels for errors in real-time. When the camera detects a label error, the printer engine halts printing and displays an error message on the printer, eliminating the need to manually check for mistakes.

Throughout the engagement, the Seagull Scientific team created technical documentation to facilitate future support and scalability.



After the implementation, the manufacturer achieved immediate performance improvements, such as:

  • Greater label accuracy – consistent label design and no data errors
  • Saved time due to efficient document management, data entry, and printing
  • Significant reduction in customer complaints



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