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Pulp and paper manufacturer realizes immediate results from BarTender’s process upgrades


A powerful integration and reimagined server structure from BarTender’s Services Team shows instant returns in label print-speed and system reliability.

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When printing high volumes of shipping labels, a prominent pulp and paper manufacturer was experiencing slow and delayed printing. Having deployed several indirect SFTP CSV integrations and one unreliable server, the company needed a more reliable and efficient system.


The manufacturer worked with Seagull Scientific Professional Services Team to build a powerful centrally-managed BTXML – REST integration for their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) using BarTender® Integration Builder and Administration Console from BarTender 2022 Enterprise Edition. The team’s next step was to simplify the manufacturer’s document management which was successfully achieved through a workflow configuration in BarTender Librarian.

After deploying BarTender on three Amazon Web Service servers, the team optimized the system to secure the server’s label location, ensure printer installation, and assign print jobs to servers based on server health. If a server is unresponsive, the job re-routes to another server.



After implementing Seagull Scientific’s solution, the manufacturer noticed immediate performance improvements, such as:

  • Accelerated printing of high volumes of labels
  • Simplified document management
  • Higher reliability — no printing delays or stoppages due to server issues
  • Access to print previews and print job status




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