Easy-to-use RFID labeling and encoding for maximized efficiency and visibility 


Achieve accurate, real-time control of your inventory. BarTender simplifies your RFID labeling to optimize your operations and exceed customer expectations.  


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RFID technology is transforming many industries, including Retail, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aviation, and Cannabis, enhancing inventory tracking. Unlike barcodes, RFID enables rapid, bulk data scanning without the limitations of line-of-sight data capture. BarTender supports your RFID labeling with easy-to-use label design tools, making tag generation as easy as creating a barcode.

Accuracy and efficiency that meets evolving operational and customer expectations

From asset tracking to inventory management, RFID technology with the world’s most trusted solution for labeling, marking, and coding helps your team: 

  • Increase label accuracy by minimizing the risk of errors from manual data entry and barcode scanning  

  • Optimize your workflows through automated data capture and bulk RFID tag reading 

  • Enhance visibility with real-time inventory updates as soon as an item changes its state 

  • Meet compliance requirements for suppliers including Walmart, Amazon, Nordstrom, and more 

RFID labeling and encoding support that scales your business 

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Easily design and encode RFID tags and labels 

Creating an RFID object is just as simple as creating a barcode. From our easy-to-use BarTender Designer, simply select the object and drop it onto your label template design – it’s really that easy. 

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The most extensive support for RFID labeling and encoding 

BarTender is the only labeling solution that supports GS1’s EPC Tag Data Standard (TDS) 2.0, catering to emerging regulatory requirements. Other RFID support includes full compliance with EPCglobal Gen2 and most tag types and EPCIS. 

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Enable interoperability with your trading partners 

Generate smart RFID labels that comply with your industry’s standards and regulations with BarTender’s built-in antenna coding and business rules. BarTender supports most formats for data encoding including DoD, GDTI, GIAI, GID, GRAI, GSR, SGLN, SGTIN, SSCC, and SGLN. 

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Print anywhere, anytime to any RFID-capable printer 

Print your RFID tags, cards, and labels securely from any browser, print station, and mobile device. Drivers by Seagull™ offers the industry’s largest library of printer drivers, including for RFID-capable printers, enabling optimized, high-performance printing. To encode RFID in BarTender, you must use Drivers by Seagull.”


Getting Started with Retailer Mandates 

As RFID use has grown with major retailers like Walmart adopting and mandating its use, manufacturers and suppliers need to understand how to apply them to the retailer’s RFID tagging and encoding requirements to successfully label their products. 

Learn how to successfully design and encode RFID tags and labels, along with: 

  • Avoiding the common RFID pitfalls
  • Understanding the GS1 standards and retailer mandates 
  • Receiving a demo on designing and printing RFID labels 


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BarTender helps global medical device manufacturer standardize RFID tag serialization

BarTender’s optimized labeling operations enable a medical device manufacturer’s centralized, standardized, compliant printing for SGTIN-96 RFID tags. The result: improved product tracking and enhanced patient safety.



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Revolutionize the way you generate RFID tags, cards, and labels.

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