Supply chain visibility and efficiency 

Build accurate bills of lading, link ASNs to your trading partners, and print labels anywhere, anytime – with BarTender’s easy barcode and RFID labeling, marking, and coding.  


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Escalating customer demands, compliance, and workforce strain are piling on the pressure for transportation and logistics companies. The key to overcoming these challenges is streamlined communication. BarTender enables T&L companies to create labels that communicate accurate real-time information, improve supply chain visibility and enhance workforce flexibility.  

Easy-to-use, flexible labeling solutions for flawless fulfillment

Enhance your supply chain visibility, accuracy, and efficiency with BarTender

The world’s most trusted solution for labeling, marking, and coding empowers your supply chain teams.

  • Trace every asset and shipment (down to the individual unit) to make smarter, more informed decisions 

  • Update teams and partners with real-time information that helps them perform their job accurately 

  • Adapt to increasing customer demands with powerful integrations that automate your label printing operations  

  • Eliminate manual processes by verifying and confirming assets and deliveries are in the right place

  • Ensure compliance across your entire supply chain with standardized data communication 

Transformation without disruptions.
Visibility and accuracy every step of the way.

Yard Management

Enhance your cargo tracking, from when it first enters the yard to when it leaves. Effortlessly create asset labels that provide accurate details about the contents of containers and trailers to ensure shipments reach their designated locations. 

Cross Docking

Say goodbye to the hassles of manual searching and matching with bills of lading. BarTender harnesses the power of RFID technology to increase load time efficiency – instantly verifying that shipments are with the correct delivery carriers. 

Reverse Logistics 

Navigating your reverse supply chain is simpler with BarTender. Stay connected to your returns using standardized label templates that your customers can effortlessly print and ship and eliminate stress about damaged or lost labels with simple reprint capabilities. 

Carrier Tracking

Enhance your carrier tracking capabilities. Generate carrier and asset labels with seamless integration to individual vehicles and assets. Tracking ensures full visibility and empowers you to proactively organize essential labor and resources well in advance of goods arrival. 

Last Mile Delivery

Ensure deliveries reach their final destination quickly and efficiently. BarTender helps you mobilize your delivery drivers and exceed customer expectations,  with on-demand printing and real-time delivery details that can be shared with trading partners, and customers.  

Fleet Management

BarTender helps you meet your compliance obligations, with standardized, pre-built label templates and the latest barcode and labeling standards, including GS1 and RFID. Easily generate hard tags, DPM labels for vehicles and containers, and more. 

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Seamlessly integrate to any business application 

No matter the size or complexity of your supply chain, you need your business systems to communicate with your labeling operations.  

BarTender is the link that provides powerful integrations for mission-critical business systems and data sources including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, NetSuite, and more. Build custom integrations with the method that works best for your environment, such as our no-code Integration Builder, the industry’s only web-based REST API, or pre-built data connectors. 

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Anywhere, anytime printing from the widest range of devices 

Print your labels securely from any browser, dedicated print station, and mobile devices your teams use every day. We offer the industry’s largest printer driver library for labeling, marking, and coding solutions with nearly 9,000 drivers for optimized, high-performance printing. 


label design

Easily design labels for the packaging that protects your assets 

Generate barcode labels and RFID tags for all levels of packaging – from shipping container and pallet labels down to individual asset labels. BarTender provides powerful label design tools that can easily be used by anyone – regardless of proficiency. Or, if you’re really in a time crunch, leverage one of our hundreds of pre-built commonly used label templates to skip the design process. 


Industry standard coding for interoperable communications  

GS1 global standards are the common language that enables businesses to identify, capture, and share relevant information with teams and trading partners. BarTender supports the latest barcode and labeling standards, including GS1, RFID, UDI, GHS, FDA, and more, to ensure your key processes run smoothly, save time and money, and achieve complete visibility across your supply chain. 

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