BarTender® Software for Supply Chain Labeling


Standardized labeling processes across the supply chain can help achieve the accuracy and efficiency goals of lean and Six Sigma programs, allowing tracking systems to be deployed deeply into the production cycle, and providing the interoperability that’s crucial to delivering value in today’s build-to-order and JIT supply environments.

Having the right labeling system in place — one that is secure, proven and reliable; that integrates completely with existing systems and workflows to enable single source of truth data management and closed loop workflows; and that scales and adapts to evolving business practices — can be the difference between a successful labeling system that simplifies the supply chain and a complicated one that creates costs.

BarTender is the heart of your compliance labeling solution

BarTender® barcode and label software is an integral component of the logistics, warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability labeling strategies of the world’s supply chains.

BarTender (Professional, Automation and Enterprise) can help you accelerate your value chain transformation, providing integrated business planning and interoperability, while offering ease of deployment and legendary technical support, all backed by industry expertise — we understand the competitive, rapidly changing and complex operating environments of today’s supply chains.

Walmart? GS1? DOD? EPC? We do that

BarTender includes built-in coding and business rules that help you create labels that comply with industry standards and create interoperability with your trading partners. Choose DOD, GDTI, GIAI, GID, GRAI, GSRN, SGLN, SGTIN and SSCC, and SGLN, or specify a custom format.

Increase labeling accuracy

Creating a standard, lean and efficient global labeling system can help control costs. Know where your inventory is! Use BarTender to reduce redundant and duplicated activities and you’ll increase labeling accuracy.

Putting the “smart” in “smart labels”

BarTender makes the design and coding of RFID as simple as creating a standard barcode. And because BarTender can pull RFID, barcode and human readable data from a common data source, and group associated labels in a single template, your label data accuracy and inventory visibility increases.

Change management made simple

Businesses grow and change. New 3PL? New WMS or ERP? New DC? New vendor? BarTender comes complete with all features and companion applications, no additional cost, no surprises.

We know the standards, so you don’t have to

BarTender’s sample label templates include business rules that enable compliance with GS1 and other industry standards. BarTender is fully compliant with EPCglobal’s Gen 2 standard (ISO 18000-6C), and supports a comprehensive list of RFID tags and encodings, including those tested and certified against the ARC benchmark data.

Can your software use your data?

The data in your labels can come from many places: ERP, WMS, database files, spreadsheets, clocks, weighing scales. BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ and Integration Builder platform make it easy to link your data — wherever it lives — to your label.

Set up serialization across your network, and then forget about it

BarTender continually manages and monitors the serialization — unique, random or sequential — that drives your supply chain transparency. Increment serial numbers at a single printer or at printers across your network.

Simple. And sophisticated

With its Windows interface, BarTender enterprise label software is familiar, even from the first time you open it. It’s intuitive — easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to train your workforce.

But don’t be fooled by BarTender’s simplicity

BarTender is a powerful tool for even the most complex logistics labels. Connect a label to your WMS database. Add accurate GS1-compliant codes with a simple drag and drop. Automatically format EPC smart labels. The standards are built-in.

Control your labeling, don’t let it control you

Deploy pricing, data and format changes enterprise-wide, in an instant, with BarTender’s powerful Intelligent Templates™.

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