BarTender® Software for Retail Labeling and RFID

To thrive in the shifting and dynamic Retail 2.0, you need a data communication and collection strategy. Auto ID like barcodes and RFID can give you instant visibility to inventory. The world’s retailers rely on BarTender to provide the supply chain transparency that you need for your omnichannel strategy.

BarTender is the heart of your compliance labeling solution.

Your retail supply chain uses all kinds of labels. BarTender’s got you covered

Smart labels, hang tags, shipping labels, WIP labeling, shelf labels, warehouse and logistics labeling, quality labels, promotional labeling, membership cards — one product with infinite flexibility.

We know the standards, so you don’t have to

The business rules in BarTender’s templates enable compliance with industry standards like GS1. Fully compliant with EPCglobal’s Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C), supports a comprehensive list of RFID tags and encodings, including those tested and certified against ARC benchmark data.

Putting the “smart” in “smart labels.”

BarTender makes the design and coding of RFID as simple as creating a standard barcode. And because BarTender can pull RFID, barcode and human readable data from a common source, grouping associated labels in a single template, label data accuracy and inventory visibility improves.

Control your labeling, don’t let it control you

Deploy pricing, data and format changes enterprise-wide, in an instant, with BarTender’s powerful Intelligent Templates™.

Simple. And sophisticated

With its Windows interface, BarTender enterprise label software is familiar, even from the first time you open it. It’s intuitive — easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to train your workforce.

Don’t be fooled by BarTender’s simplicity

BarTender is a powerful tool for even the most complex labels. Connect a label to your WMS database. Add accurate GS1-compliant codes with a simple drag and drop. Automatically format EPC smart labels. The standards are built-in.

Automate your labeling and ditch manual, inefficient — and expensive — business processes

BarTender’s Integration Builder provides straightforward integration to your product data with no custom programming required, no matter where you store your data: SAP, Oracle, HighJump, Infor, Epicor, Sage, Access, Excel.

Increase labeling accuracy

Creating a standard, lean and efficient global labeling system can help control costs. Know where your inventory is! Use BarTender to reduce redundant and duplicated activities and you’ll increase labeling accuracy.

Change management made simple

Businesses grow and change. New pricing? New WMS or ERP? New facility? New vendor? BarTender comes complete with all features and companion applications, no additional cost, no surprises.

Case Study

Global, vertically integrated apparel retailer streamlines its labeling process

A multi-national retailer needed to find a consistent and uniform method of labeling 150,000 items from over 500 separate merchandise suppliers each day. With their BarTender labeling system, the retailer has captured new system efficiencies and savings of time, resources and money.

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