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Easy, flexible, reliable and secure: that’s what enterprise labeling design software should be. And that’s exactly why BarTender is trusted by companies around the world, in every industry.

Simple and accessible user experience

With its Windows interface and intuitive design, BarTender software is familiar from the first time you open it. BarTender’s accessibility shines in its easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform that makes training your workforce simple and effective. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. BarTender label design software is a powerful tool for creating even the most complex labels. Connect a label to an SAP or Oracle database; add accurate GS1-compliant codes with a simple drag and drop; or automatically format EPC smart labels.


Label design software that’s compatible with your printer

Whether you’re printing sheets of labels from an office laser printer, or rolls of labels from an industrial print-and-apply system, enterprise label designing software should work with your printer of choice. With BarTender, you can connect to printers from companies like Zebra, SATO, Intermec, Datamax-O’Neil, Toshiba, Argox, GoDex , Citizen, TSC, Epson and many more.

Easily link your data — wherever it lives

The data you need to include in your label can come from many places: ERP systems like SAP or Oracle, database files, spreadsheets, calendars, clocks, even weighing scales. BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ make it easy to link your data to your label.

Lean and efficient labeling design saves you time

You shouldn’t have to manage different label files for each SKU, shipping address or production date. With BarTender’s Professional Edition, Automation Edition and Enterprise Edition, you can design labels using variable data fields and link them to virtually any data source. With one single label file, you can replace thousands of others, saving resources, time and money.

Control user access for total accountability

If you’re in a regulated industry, you need to know who’s editing and printing your labels. With BarTender’s Enterprise Edition label design software, you control access to label design and modification, database setup, document saving and printing from a central location onsite — or at a facility on the other side of the world. BarTender manages electronic signatures and gives you the comprehensive data logging capabilities that you need for full audit trail accountability.

Meet label compliance regulations with confidence and ease

Different industries are subject to ever-changing regulations and standard practices. If you’re in a regulated industry, BarTender’s labeling design software can help you meet those requirements with our secure, configurable technology.

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