Oracle Integrations with BarTender

E-business Suite users choose BarTender to drive business

BarTender labeling software transforms data into labeling that drives business in SCM, MSCA, WMS, NetSuite and JD Edwards deployments around the world.

Flexibility to define your labeling solution based on your needs.

Built-in transforms seamlessly manage Oracle system print requests, and our native support for XML means that it’s simple and straightforward to connect Fusion or other middleware and labeling software to all the systems you use every day: financial, data warehouse, WMS (like Logfire), HR.


Configure the most complex integrations, simply.

Schedule multiple actions within a single trigger event such as a POST or GET web request, arrival of an email, saving of a file or modification to an Oracle database. Connect and communicate via XML, TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP with direct support for Oracle systems.


Browser-based printing from anywhere.

Print labels anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. With just a few clicks in a browser or the BarTender Print Portal app, verified users can choose designs, complete print-time data forms and launch print jobs to any printer on the internet.


Manage printer errors to keep production moving

Sometimes things go wrong with printers. They go offline. They run out of ink or media. Queues pause unexpectedly. BarTender barcode software seamlessly manages failover and printer redirects to keep your labeling in production.


Enterprise labeling software with everything you need, no hidden costs

Our Enterprise Edition labeling software comes complete with all features and companion applications. BarTender’s native support for XML means there’s no API required to connect your labeling to your data — no custom coding required, no hidden charges.


Secure your labeling system anywhere in the world

BarTender labeling software offers layers of security options, ranging from simple Print-Only mode to complex role-based permissions and encryption. Control access to label design and modification, Oracle database modification, document saving, printing and more from a central location onsite — or at a facility on the other side of the world.


Remain compliant with BarTender and Oracle systems

BarTender’s electronic signature feature and comprehensive data logging bring full audit trail accountability to the entire labeling process ensuring compliance with the highest global security standards. This includes the 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and GMP Annex 11. Manage traceability and serialization to meet regulations like DSCSA.


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