Label Design Software: What You Need to Know

You are surrounded by labels every day. The packages you receive, the goods you buy, the medications you are prescribed, the food you shop for—all are labeled with information, identification, instructions, warnings, and more.

A label can tell you where and when your fruit was grown. It can tell you what chemicals are in a shipment and how to handle them safely. It can enable a shipping company to easily track a package every step of the way from a warehouse to your front door.

Given how much we rely on labels every day, label design software needs to be easy, flexible and precise.

  • It needs to be simple enough for novices to quickly design attractive labels, but sophisticated enough for professionals to design complex labels that meet stringent industry standards and government regulations such as GHS for chemical labelsPTI for food labels, and UDI for medical device labels.
  • It needs to work with your printer of choice, whether you are printing labels by the sheet from an office laser printer or by the roll through an industrial print-and-apply system.
  • It needs to accept information from any source, whether you are entering data on a keyboard, importing weights from a packaging scale, or including dynamic data from a corporate ERP system and serialization that changes for each label.
  • The label design software needs to let you create templates that can conditionally print different text or images, so you can design just a few templates to handle all your label printing scenarios instead of managing hundreds of different templates.
  • It needs to provide security features so you can lock down sensitive parts of a label design template, or customize settings to allow modifications by product, container, geography, business unit or operator.

Label design is more powerful with BarTender

BarTender® software from Seagull Scientific designs the labels that keep businesses moving. You will find BarTender at the corner grocery store, at a mid-sized parts manufacturer, and in the world's largest companies. In fact, BarTender's exclusive Intelligent TemplatesTM make label design easy for more companies around the world than any other software

Download the free BarTender Trial Edition to see for yourself how easy label design can be.

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Our Customers Say

"BarTender’s ability to integrate with any ERP and Safety Data Sheet authoring and management system, coupled with its easy-to-use and powerful Intelligent Templates™, has made it our go-to software product for integrating and solving the challenges associated with GHS compliance labeling in all of our chemical customers."

—Rick Schilling, President, Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi)