BarTender is the world's leading barcode software for designing and printing labels, barcodes and RFID tags.

What is the Easiest Way to Integrate
Label Printing and RFID Encoding
with your Existing Software?

Just ask your BarTender!

Although BarTender can be used "stand-alone," many of its most powerful capabilities are for integrating the production of labels, barcodes and RFID tags with other software. This web page answers a variety of basic but very important integration questions, including what methods are available for controlling BarTender from within other software.

How can I quickly learn which white papers are dedicated to integrating BarTender with other software?

A : Simply visit this handy index of integration white papers.

What if I need to start producing labels right away, but I am not yet ready to start an integration project?

A : BarTender is also a powerful stand-alone application. For more details, please visit the Main BarTender web page and our Specifications and Features guide.

Do I have to write code in order to integrate BarTender with my existing software?

A : No!  Writing code is only one way of controlling BarTender. Our "Commander" integration utility offers codeless solutions for automatically controlling BarTender in response to a variety of trigger events, some of which your existing software system may already be generating.  These include the creation of files, e-mail messages, and TCP/IP packets. Depending on your ERP environment, and what kind of transaction events are already being generated, you may not have to write any code at all!

Can BarTender read my existing database?

A : With its extremely robust support for the OLE-DB and ODBC database driver standards, BarTender can directly access label data in literally dozens of standard databases and data formats. Additional methods, based on use of the Commander companion application, provide access to data from a variety of ERP software packages, including those from Oracle, SAP and IBM.

Does BarTender offer prewritten integration support for any major ERP software products, such as Oracle and SAP?

A : Yes! Please see the Oracle, SAP and IBM WebSphere integration white papers.

If we've got some real "code jocks" on staff, what kind of integration support does BarTender offer for them?

A : The BarTender .NET SDKs provide a robust development environment for both C-Sharp and Visual Basic .Net programmers, including Strong-Name support for the .NET Global Assembly Cache (or GAC). BarTender also supports ActiveX Automation (sometimes called "COM"). For more information, please see our .NET SDK and ActiveX Automation white papers.

I am already "dumping" transactional inventory data to a delimited text file. Can I print label data directly from this?

A : Absolutely! Our Commander integration utility can launch BarTender print jobs in response to any of a great variety of received triggers. You can then have Commander custom process the label data (if desired) and pass it to BarTender.  Alternatively, you can have BarTender read the data directly. For more information, please see our Commander white paper and dedicated help system.

What about support for XML?

A : Although BarTender can directly read XML, it is more common to have Commander receive XML as a "trigger" that is part of an automated integration. With full support for XSL style sheets, Commander can easily convert from the XML format that you may already be using into a format readable by BarTender -- all without having to write code.

What if I want to control my integrations using TCP/IP socket communications instead of by exporting files?

A : Commander offers rich support for TCP/IP socket connectivity, including reporting back status information about both BarTender and your printers. For more information, please search on "TCP/IP" in the Commander help system.

Where can I find answers to more advanced questions about the Commander integration utility?

A : Please consult:

Do I have to learn anything about individual printer languages in order to add label printing and RFID encoding to my existing software?

A : No, BarTender handles this for you! BarTender comes with Windows printer Drivers by Seagull™ -- the fastest, most reliable, and largest collection of true Windows printer drivers available for industrial label printers. And, if you happen to have one of the few printers for which we don't already offer our own high-speed drivers, we can still communicate with your printer as long as the manufacturer provides its own Windows printer driver. For more information, please consult " The Advantage of Drivers by Seagull" white paper.

What if I want more direct control over my printers?

A : Some extremely technical users prefer to directly control the flow of printer code to their printers from their existing software packages. In order to avoid having to "hand code" the printer commands, these users can export printer-specific "Printer Code Templates" from BarTender that contain embedded "tags" into which they can later insert their label data. These templates are then "embedded" or "compiled" into their main software application or a desired middleware module. For more information, please consult the " Exporting Printer Code Templates" white paper.

Once my integration is in production, how can I be alerted if something goes wrong with my label production operation?

A : Whether a printer has simply run out of labels or you have had a communication or system failure, a responsive alert system helps keep your production line running and saves you expensive down-time. BarTender and the Printer Maestro companion applications offer a number of powerful features to quickly alert you to production problems. Standard alert methods include e-mail and text messages, so you can learn about problems on your mobile phone while you aren't even on site! For more information, please consult the Administer, Alert Setup option within BarTender and related help topics within BarTender and Printer Maestro. Also see the Printer Maestro white paper.

What if I have a high security application, such as a military, pharmaceutical or chemical industry application?

A : BarTender's Security Center companion application gives you remarkably detailed control over who has permission to do what with BarTender and the various Companion Applications. You can even demand and store "electronic signatures" for selected actions. For more information, please consult the Label System Security white paper.

What if I am audited by a customer or governing authority?

A : BarTender can log a highly customizable variety of data about each print job to a searchable database. Storable information includes launch and execution date and time, the name of the label format(s) printed, any exception event messages that may have occurred, the actual label data used, and even bitmap images showing what the labels should have looked like. Then, if and when you need to reexamine your past print jobs, you can search through these archives in order to inspect and verify your print job results. For more information, please read about History Explorer.

Where on this web site can I find more information about BarTender?

A : Please visit the Main BarTender web page.

Is there a free demonstration version available?

A : Absolutely! In fact, our free Trial Edition works like a full-working version of BarTender for the first 30 days! (After the first 30-days, you can still continue your development work, but you will not be able to go into full production until you purchase a full-working version.)

What if I still have questions?

Depending on your circumstances (see below), please call or e-mail Sales or Technical Support:

  • If you are are considering BarTender but are are not yet using it, please contact Seagull Scientific Sales. (If they don't already know the answer to your question, they will put you in touch with a Sales Engineer or Support Technician, depending on the circumstances.)
  • If you are already using BarTender and have a technical question about integration (or anything else about BarTender), please contact Technical Support.