Maintenance and Support Renewal

Live support, free updates and more

Renew your Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA) before it expires to maintain access to its crucial benefits. BarTender Maintenance and Support protects your business against unexpected disruptions, and enables your software to grow as your business grows. 

3 ways to renew maintenance

1. Start a quote in our customer portal

2. Fill out the form and let us get back to you.

3. Call Sales and talk to one of our representatives today!


Maintenance and Support provides you:

Live Support

Get live access to our support experts via email, chat and phone. BarTender Enterprise and Automation customers can also add Premium 365, 24/7 Support, with priority response around the clock and a 2-hour guaranteed initial reply time. 

free updates

When an update or new version of BarTender is released, you’ll receive an email notification describing how to update.

Edition and Printer upgrades

Easily upgrade your software edition or add printers to your current license. 

Easy Renewals and Estimates

We’ll notify you two months before your MSA expires. 

Let us get back to you


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