Let's secure your labeling operations.

BarTender 2016 support ended April 30, 2023

Don’t leave your labeling operations at risk of security and compliance issues. Update to BarTender 2022 to access industry-leading technologies and ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.

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More powerful features.
More flexibility. More mobility.

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New BarTender REST API

Optimize your label workflow with the BarTender REST API. Introduced through BarTender 2022, the flexible web-based REST programming interface helps you connect to any business system including ERP, WMS, and MES systems.

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New BarTender Printer Licensing

With BarTender 2022, you can easily reduce your label printing costs by adding any number of printers without tiered printer add-ons. Perfect for operations with a number of printing machines and equipment.

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Powerful, browser-based printing

BarTender 2022 comes with a revamped Print Portal. More detailed user permissions and expanded, in-depth administrator controls provide configurable security options, so your teams, partners and suppliers everywhere in the world all have immediate access to your approved label library.

More powerful features in BarTender 2022

Label design
  • Updated barcode standards support including GS1 Version 22 to maintain compliance
  • New WYSIWYG text editing and formatting to design your custom label templates
  • Support for PANTONE color system
  • New BarTender Mobile App for Android to print from your familiar mobile devices at your source of work
  • New Print Portal and Print Station with a consistent modern, responsive UI for fast performance and reduced training costs
Automation and Integration
  • New more powerful Integration Builder with improved UI and additional Actions to automate your labeling operations
  • New BarTender REST API for powerful and flexible integration with your ERP, WMS, MES and business systems
Workflow and template management
  • New Visual Librarian Workflow Designer to easily build your labeling approval workflows
  • Librarian integration with Print Portal and Print Station for secure centralized label template management and access
  • Licensing Server redundancy to ensure high availability
Data connection
  • Expanded support for over 20+ databases – easily connect to your business data
  • Dynamic data support to improve data entry and integration by your Print Operators
Printer Licensing
  • New flexible printer licensing
  • Add any number of printers — no tiered printer add-ons


Maintain the integrity of your labeling operations

Update to BarTender 2022 and avoid the risk of security and compliance issues.

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