GS1 Standards

Make GS1 compliance and compatibility core components of your labeling process with BarTender

GS1’s global standards are the common language that enables businesses to identify and capture relevant information, and to share it with other trading partners.

By following GS1 protocols, businesses can encode vital information into their barcodes, labels, and EPC/RFID tags—ensuring effective and efficient supply chain management.

With GS1’s guidelines properly implemented, businesses can expect to:

  • Ensure that key processes run smoothly, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communications

  • Save time and money by reducing administrative processes, and optimizing the use of materials and resources

  • Achieve increased visibility across your entire supply chain

BarTender seamlessly implements GS1 standards into your organization’s labeling processes

GS1 1 Diagram V2

All barcodes, all symbologies

BarTender’s labeling solutions offer GS1-compliant symbologies, labels, and electronic data, including barcode and RFID-encoding. We support all GS1 barcodes, labels, and tags (GS1-128, ITF-14, GS1 EAN/UPC, GS1 DataBar, GS1 2D barcodes, and EPC/RFID) to ensure that your unique labeling preferences are covered.

Pre-defined GS1-compliant templates for quick & easy standardization

With a library of GS1-compliant label templates, the complications of GS1 standardization are easily solved. Just select the template that suits your needs and enter your relevant data—the result will be fully compliant, and vastly accelerate your label design process.

Printstation 700X400
GS1 3 Store Scan

Built-in support for GS1 Digital Link

Harnessing GS1 Digital Link means that you can create web-enabled barcodes by encoding a dynamic URL that carries contextual information along with your GS1 identifiers. Not only can you consolidate your barcodes into one symbol but you can also provide specific data to the individual scanning the barcode based on location, time zone, and other factors.

Complete, up-to-date GS1 specifications

BarTender supports all GS1 application identifiers so you can encode all the information that your external trading partners need, right up to GS1’s latest specifications.

GS1 4 Application Ids

BarTender alleviates concern over label compliance and compatibility—now and into the future

Not only does BarTender do all the heavy lifting to ensure that your current labels meet GS1 standards but we continue to add new GS1 product enhancements so you can stay confident that your labels will remain compliant as new updates roll out.

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