EU Food Allergen Labeling:
BarTender and FIC

BarTender makes compliance with the EU’s Food Information to Consumers (FIC) labeling requirements a piece of cake. Our allergen label template is easy to use, no matter what product you manufacture, what packaging you use, or what language you speak.

You shouldn't have to know how to program text formatting to meet the FIC rules.

We’ve automated the emphasis of allergens in your ingredient list, so there’s no special programming required.

Regulatory labeling should be on-brand.

BarTender’s simple design interface and superior graphics handling — including full color capabilities — means you can design your allergen labels to match your company’s marketing and production needs.

Product packaging needs to speak the languages of the retailers who sell your products, and the consumers who buy them. 

We provide the automated allergen database in six languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Need a Greek allergen label? Russian? 

Every edition of BarTender includes characters for all modern languages — not just Roman characters, but Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew, as well as the writing systems of Asian languages.

Sometimes things change. You need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently. 

The BarTender FIC label comes with an editable list of allergens, so you can modify to meet any changes or updates in the regulation, or if you need the agility to comply with other, similar regulations.

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