BarTender® Software for Chemical Labeling

A world of chemical compliance labeling.


GHS, CLP, DOT, ADR, NFPA, HMIS, WHMIS. There’s an alphabet soup of complicated global chemical labeling requirements out there. And you’re juggling huge amounts of data for every label you produce. CAS numbers. Hazard information. Toxicity specs. Prop 65 data. Kosher or Halal seals. EPA DfE stamps.

BarTender is the heart of your compliance labeling solution.

What if one enterprise labeling software program connected to your existing data could create every label you need, no matter where in the world you do business?

BarTender makes the complex simple.

Automate your labeling and ditch manual, inefficient — and expensive — business processes

Still generating labels manually? BarTender’s Integration Builder provides straightforward integration to your product data with no custom programming required, no matter where your data is stored: SAP, Oracle, Access, Excel — even connect to remote third-party databases.

Control your labeling, don’t let it control you

Deploy design, data and format changes enterprise-wide, in an instant, with BarTender’s powerful Intelligent Templates™.

Increase labeling accuracy

Creating a standard, lean and efficient global labeling system can help control costs. Use BarTender to reduce redundant and duplicated activities and you’ll increase labeling accuracy.

Change management made simple

Businesses grow and change. New ERP? New facility? New security requirements? BarTender comes complete with all features and companion applications, no additional cost, no surprises.

Case Study

GHS labeling project simplifies compliance, cuts costs

BarTender is at the heart of a scalable, adaptable labeling solution that is helping a growing chemical manufacturer comply with GHS and other industry regulations while also reducing costs as the company grows through acquisition of new businesses, brands and product portfolios.

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