BarTender Software for Aerospace and Defense Marking and Labeling 

BarTender enables accurate tracking throughout the aerospace and defense supply chains, improving regulatory compliance, safety and protection against theft and counterfeiting.


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Accurate tracking of parts and maintenance parts throughout the aerospace and defense supply chains enables compliance with regulatory requirements, improves safety, and provides protection against theft and counterfeit spares. But the nature of the aerospace supply chain creates a set of complexities that make traceability uniquely challenging.

Having the right labeling system in place— one that is secure, proven and reliable; that supports regulatory requirements such as ATA SPEC 2000; and that scales and adapts to evolving business practices — can be the difference between a successful labeling system that simplifies asset tracking and a complicated one that creates costs.

BarTender is the heart of your compliance labeling solution

Deployed at suppliers, manufacturers, operators and defense departments across the globe, the BarTender® Professional, Automation and Enterprise editions are the secure and trusted labeling software that has become the global standard for aerospace and defense asset tracking.

Built for IUID

BarTender enterprise labeling software is the industry standard in aerospace, chosen by departments of defense around the world, global manufacturers, and their first- and second-tier suppliers.

Simple. And sophisticated

BarTender is both easy to use, and a powerful tool for even the most complex labels, in the most demanding aerospace and defense environments.

We comply with the standards for you

Add accurate AIA SPEC2000-compliant codes with a simple drag and drop: Code 39, Code 128, Datamatrix. BarTender includes over 95 different symbologies. It’s fully compliant with EPCGlobal’s Gen 2 standard (ISO 18000-6C) and supports a comprehensive list of RFID tag types, encodings and ISO standards.

Foolproof GS1 RFID and barcodes

Applying the latest GS1 EPC HF RFID Air Interface Protocol and the GS1 EPC Header for Aerospace and Defense is mission-critical — BarTender is built for GS1 compliance. Construct the most complex GS1 codes with BarTender’s Application Identifier Wizard — automatically and accurately insert the AIs you need like GIAI and GRAI. BarTender is GS1 certified, and a GS1 Solution Provider.

Global change management in an instant

Be as dynamic as your supply chain — your labeling meets changes in regulation, supply or process with BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™. Edit a label’s data, format or design — updates occur immediately throughout your organization. Your label is ready to print, in real time, anywhere in the world it’s needed.

Control roles and access for compliance

BarTender’s layered security features, ranging from basic print-only settings to complex role-based permissions with label format encryption give you configurable control over who can open, edit or print a label.

You need to know who edited or printed your labels. Every time

BarTender gives complete visibility to the labeling process — who accessed a label, what edits they made, where and when a label was printed. Capture e-signatures and complete audit trail for compliance with global regulations, including ATA SPEC2000.

Set up serialization across your network, and then forget about it

BarTender continually manages and monitors the serialization — unique, random or sequential — that drives your regulatory compliance. Increment serial numbers at a single printer or at printers across your network.

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