What's New in BarTender 2022?

BarTender® 2022 is built to enable secure, anywhere, anytime printing for any business, and provides new capabilities and features:

  • Expanded access to remote printing with Print Portal
  • New SAP HANA database connector
  • Redesigned Print Station
  • New BarTender REST API
Expanded access to printing


BarTender 2022 allows you to select and print labels from any device in an instant via web browser using Print Portal available in Professional, Automation and Enterprise editions.

New database connections


BarTender 2022 introduces support for a new database type and improvements in database connectivity.

Cloud API


BarTender 2022 Preview 2 introduces a RESTful API which allows you to automate print jobs using REST calls.

  • Expanded access to remote printing with Print Portal

    • Print Portal is now available to BarTender Professional, Automation and Enterprise Edition customers
    • Select and print labels from any device in an instant via web browser
    • Customize folder images and colors to make documents and labels simpler to locate
    • Increase security with advanced security properties settings
    • Manage detailed user permissions with expanded, more in-depth administrator controls
    Anywhere Printing IV
  • New SAP HANA database connector

    • Connect labeling directly with your enterprise data stored in SAP HANA databases
    • Access SAP HANA on-premises software and SAP HANA Cloud database services
    • Support for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 and later versions
    SAP HANA Database 700X400
  • Redesigned Print Station

    • Streamlined modern UI with improved performance
    • Point-and-click printing — quickly locate documents, select printers, enter data and print
    • Improved standalone kiosk mode (using Microsoft Windows 10 kiosk mode)
    • New grouping and sorting options to help print operators work more efficiently
    • Customize branding with your own logos and color schemes to integrate BarTender more seamlessly into your print environment
    • Access and advance files through Librarian workflow states to review and approve BarTender documents for production (Enterprise Edition)
    Printstation 700X400
  • New BarTender REST API

    • Access an extensive set of BarTender actions via REST API to automate label printing
    • Integrate BarTender and enterprise applications with scripting in formats such as YAML and JSON
    • Quickly understand how to use the BarTender REST API using OpenAPI documentation
    REST API Feature 700X300

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