Maintain continuity while working at home

March 18, 2020



The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant a transition to remote work for many of us. We’ve been hearing from customers who rely on BarTender® to drive mission-critical labeling, but who are now running their day-to-day operations from home offices.

We can help you maintain continuity while working at home.

If your software is the most current version, BarTender 2019, or if you own the Automation or Enterprise Automation version of an earlier release, your software is licensed by printer, and you can install our software on as many computers as you like, for as many users as you need.

In earlier versions of BarTender — prior to BarTender 2019 — the Basic and Professional editions were not licensed by printer, but by user. If this is the software you own, we suggest these options:

  1. Upgrade to BarTender 2019 — you can read more about this here.   
  2. Move workstation licenses to home
  3. Remote into your office so that you can continue to use BarTender. 

If you just need limited design and print capabilities, our Free edition is available for download

For more information on BarTender licensing, please visit our support site’s page on license management. 

To learn more about moving a BarTender 2019 license to a new computer, read this article on our support site. 

A final note: our technical teams are hard at work, helping people keep their businesses running. If you have a supported version of BarTender and need help with your software during this challenging time, fill out the request form on our support site



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