Drivers by Seagull™ Version 2022.2 now available

July 14, 2022

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This release includes over 240 new models for Brother, Godex, Gprinter, Markem-Imaje, Xprinter, Zebra and many more. A new printer family, Custom America, has been added. Minor bug fixes and feature enhancements as listed below.

Version 2022.2 is available for immediate download on the Seagull Scientific website.

New Models:

  • 4BARCODE: 4BARCODE 3B-T304F, 4BARCODE 3B-T305F, 4BARCODE 3B-T363U, 4BARCODE 3B-T364U, 4BARCODE 3B-T365U, 4BARCODE 3B-T371U, 4BARCODE 3B-T372U, 4BARCODE 3B-T373U, 4BARCODE 3B-T374U, 4BARCODE 3B-T375U, 4BARCODE 4B-2054P, 4BARCODE 4B-2054Q, 4BARCODE 4B-2054R, 4BARCODE 4B-2054S, 4BARCODE 4B-2054T, 4BARCODE 4B-2054TG, 4BARCODE 4B-2054TH, 4BARCODE 4B-2054TI, 4BARCODE 4B-2054TJ, 4BARCODE 4B-2054TK, 4BARCODE 4B-3044D, 4BARCODE 4B-3044E, 4BARCODE 4B-3044F, 4BARCODE 4B-3044G, 4BARCODE 4B-3044H, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TE, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TG, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TH, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TI, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TJ, 4BARCODE 4B-3044TK .
  • Brother:  Brother TJ-4005DN, Brother TJ-4010TN.
  • CHAINWAY: CHAINWAY CP30 (203 dpi), CHAINWAY CP30 (300 dpi).
  • CUSTOM: Custom D4 102 (203 dpi) (PDPL, PEPL, PZPL), Custom D4 102 (300 dpi) (PDPL, PEPL, PZPL), Custom D4 102E (203 dpi) (PDPL, PEPL, PZPL), Custom D4 102E (300 dpi) (PDPL, PEPL, PZPL).
  • Deli: Deli AZ5002, Deli AZ5002BU, Deli DP74C, Deli DP83T, Deli DP84T. 
  • Fargo: Fargo DTC4250e.
  • Godex: Godex GM620 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Godex GM630 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), 
  • Gprinter: Gainscha F3200, Gainscha F3200II, Gainscha F3300, Gainscha F3300II, Gainscha GA-2208D, Gainscha GA-2408T, Gainscha GA-2408TE, Gainscha GA-2410T, Gainscha GA-3206D, Gainscha GA-3406T, Gainscha GA-3407T, Gainscha GA-6404T, Gainscha GB-2204DB, Gainscha GB-2304DB, Gainscha GB-3203DB, Gainscha GB-3303DB, Gainscha GE-2208D, Gainscha GE-2406T, Gainscha GE-2408D, Gainscha GE-3205D, Gainscha GE-3405D, Gainscha GE-3405T, Gainscha GH-2414T, Gainscha GH-3412T, Gainscha GH-6406T, Gainscha GI-2406T PLUS, Gainscha GI-2408T, Gainscha GI-2408T PLUS, Gainscha GI-2410T PLUS, Gainscha GI-3405T PLUS, Gainscha GI-3406T, Gainscha GI-3406T PLUS, Gainscha GI-3407T PLUS, Gainscha GI-6404T PLUS, Gainscha GS-2206T, Gainscha GS-2208D, Gainscha GS-2406F, Gainscha GS-2406T, Gainscha GS-2406T PLUS, Gainscha GS-2408D, Gainscha GS-3205D, Gainscha GS-3205T, Gainscha GS-3405D, Gainscha GS-3405F, Gainscha GS-3405T, Gainscha GS-3405T PLUS, Gainscha GV-2418T, Gainscha GV-3414T, Gainscha GV-6406T, Gainscha GX-2408T, Gainscha GX-3406T, Gainscha unispro F110, Gainscha unispro F120, Gainscha unispro F210, Gainscha unispro F220, Gprinter C-31, Gprinter G-11, Gprinter GP-2830D, Gprinter GP-2831D, Gprinter GP-2832D, Gprinter GP-2833D, Gprinter GP-2834D, Gprinter S-31, Gprinter X-81, Gprinter Z-11
  • iData: iData AT Series, iData D308 Series, iData D400 Series, iData D408 Series, iData EQA Series, iData EQB Series, iData EQC Series, iData GLA Series, iData GLB Series, iData GLC Series, iData GT Series, iData SR Series, iData ST Series, iData XC Series, iData XS Series, iData Z420, iData Z420 Series, iData Z430, iData Z430 Series, iData Z460, iData Z460 Series, iData ZA410
  • iDPRT: iDPRT iT244 Plus (300 dpi), iDPRT iT244 Plus (300 dpi)
  • IPRT: IPRT IP-348B, IPRT IP-386, IPRT IP-486, IPRT IP-802
  • KuaiMai: KuaiMai KM-188W, KuaiMai KM-202MW, KuaiMai KM-202W
  • Markem-Imaje: Markem-Imaje SmartDate X45 (32mm) - Continuous, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X45 (32mm) - Intermittent, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X45 (53mm) - Continuous, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X45 (53mm) - Intermittent, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X65 (53mm) - Continuous, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X65 (53mm) - Intermittent, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X65 (53mm) - Shuttled, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X65 (128mm) - Continuous, Markem-Imaje SmartDate X65 (128mm) - Intermittent
  • Pantum: Pantum PT-D160 Series, Pantum PT-D160B Series, Pantum PT-D160N Series, Pantum PT-D160NW Series, Pantum PT-D160W Series, 
  • Postek: POSTEK MH Series (203 dpi)
  • Qirui: Qirui QR-888, Qirui QR-888BT
  • Urovo: Urovo A80, Urovo B300, Urovo B380, Urovo B388, Urovo BL50, Urovo BL419, Urovo BP80, Urovo BP300, Urovo DP80, Urovo DP300, Urovo HG3, Urovo HG80, Urovo K3, Urovo K300, Urovo K380, Urovo K388, Urovo MP80, Urovo MP120, Urovo MP300, Urovo MP380, Urovo R80, Urovo ST80, Urovo T3, Urovo T4, Urovo TS01, Urovo U380, Urovo V80, Urovo YK80S
  • Videojet: Videojet 1880
  • XARC: Sharc 182-PC, Sharc 200i
  • Xprinter: Xprinter XP-Q301F, Xprinter XP-Q302F, Xprinter XP-Q303F, Xprinter XP-Q304F, Xprinter XP-Q305F, Xprinter XP-Q361U, Xprinter XP-Q362U, Xprinter XP-Q363U, Xprinter XP-Q364U, Xprinter XP-Q365U, Xprinter XP-Q371U, Xprinter XP-Q372U, Xprinter XP-Q373U, Xprinter XP-Q374U, Xprinter XP-Q375U, Xprinter XP-T304F, Xprinter XP-T305F, Xprinter XP-T363U, Xprinter XP-T364U, Xprinter XP-T365U, Xprinter XP-T371U, Xprinter XP-T372U, Xprinter XP-T373U, Xprinter XP-T374U, Xprinter XP-T375U
  • Zebra: Zebra ZD411 (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZD611 (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZD611R (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZT111 (203 dpi) - EPL, Zebra ZT111 (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZT211 (203 dpi) - EPL, Zebra ZT211 (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZT231 (203 dpi) - EPL, Zebra ZT231 (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL, Zebra ZT231R (203 & 300 dpi) - ZPL

New Features & Notable Fixes:

  • Added a new feature “Printer Command Field”, accessible from the Printer Properties Tools tab, which allows for creating custom tags that can be used in text and barcode objects to substitute pre-selected time and date formats.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent GS1 DataMatrix barcodes from printing correctly on Markem-Imaje printers.
  • Added support for logging and printing of RFID unique serial numbers (TID) for Zebra printer models (ZPL) which support the RFID read command.

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