Drivers by Seagull™ Version 2021.2 now available

July 13, 2021

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This release includes over 160+ new models for Autonics, Gprinter, Honeywell, TSC, XPrinter, Zebra and more.  Minor bug fixes and feature enhancements as listed below.

Version 2021.2 is available for immediate download on the Seagull Scientific website.


New Models

Autonics:  Autonics BC-24LA(BHP)R1, Autonics BC-24LS(BHP)R1, Autonics BC-24MEA(BHP)R1, Autonics BC-24MES(BHP)R1, Autonics BC-24SEA(BHP)R1

BeePRT: Beeprt BY-244G, Beeprt BY-244P

Brother: Brother QL-820NWB 

COBRA: COBRA VnM4Pro SignMaker 300

Deli: Deli 740C, Deli 886A, Deli 886AW, Deli 886B, Deli 886BW, Deli 888T


Gprinter: Gprinter A-34BT, Gprinter A-34BT, Gprinter GP-2025T,  Gprinter GP-2034T, Gprinter GP-2035T, Gprinter GP-A23AR, Gprinter GP-A24CT, Gprinter GP-A33AR, Gprinter GP-A34BT, Gprinter GP-A34CT, Gprinter GP-D320FX, Gprinter GP-D330FX, Gprinter GP-D750, Gprinter GP-P32RA, Gprinter GP-P33RA, Gprinter GP-P42TC, Gprinter GP-P43TB, Gprinter GP-P43TC, Gprinter GP-SRA32, Gprinter GP-SRA33, Gprinter GP-STB43, Gprinter GP-STC42, Gprinter GP-STC43, Gprinter GP-T420F, Gprinter GP-T430F, Gprinter GP-W2RAL, Gprinter GP-W2TCX, Gprinter GP-W3RAL, Gprinter GP-W3TBX, Gprinter GP-W3TCX, Gprinter GP-Z142C, Gprinter GP-Z143B, Gprinter GP-Z143C, Gprinter GP-ZR32A, Gprinter GP-ZR33A, Gprinter P-43TB, Gprinter S-TB43, Gprinter W-3TBX, Gprinter Z-143B 

Honeywell: Honeywell MPD31D, Honeywell PD45 (203 dpi), Honeywell PD45 (300 dpi), Honeywell PD45S (203 dpi), Honeywell PD45S (300 dpi), Honeywell PX240S (203 dpi), Honeywell PX240S (300 dpi) 

HPRT: HPRT Etron (203 dpi), HPRT Etron (300 dpi), HPRT SL42 


Okabe Marking Systems: Okabe Marking Systems EC320, Okabe Marking Systems EC320T, Okabe Marking Systems EC330, Okabe Marking Systems EC330T

Pantum: Pantum LT102/103-CS, Pantum LT105/106-CS, Pantum LT202/203-CS, Pantum LT205/206-CS, Pantum PT-B580 Series, Pantum PT-B680 Series, Pantum PT-L280 Series, Pantum PT-L380 Series

Qirui: Qirui QR-302 

SAT: SAT XT46 (203 dpi) (ZPL), SAT XT46 (300 dpi) (ZPL), SAT XT412 (203 dpi) (ZPL), SAT XT412 (300 dpi) (ZPL), SAT XT412 (600 dpi) (ZPL)

TSC: TSC MH241(MU), TSC MH341(MU), TSC MH641(MU) 

Urovo: Urovo D8120Plus, Urovo D8130Plus, Urovo D8220Plus, Urovo D8230Plus, Urovo D8620, Urovo D8630, Urovo D8660 

Xprinter: Xprinter XP-D8401E, Xprinter XP-D8402E, Xprinter XP-D8403E, Xprinter XP-D8501B, Xprinter XP-D8502B, Xprinter XP-D8503B, Xprinter XP-D41001E, Xprinter XP-D41002E, Xprinter XP-D41003E, Xprinter XP-D41201B, Xprinter XP-D41202B, Xprinter XP-DT326B, Xprinter XP-P8101B, Xprinter XP-P8101E, Xprinter XP-P8102B, Xprinter XP-P8102E, Xprinter XP-P8103B, Xprinter XP-P8103E, Xprinter XP-T4401E, Xprinter XP-T4402E, Xprinter XP-T4403E, Xprinter XP-T4501B, Xprinter XP-T4501E, Xprinter XP-T4502B, Xprinter XP-T4502E, Xprinter XP-T4503B, Xprinter XP-T4503E, Xprinter XP-T4602B, Xprinter XP-T4603B, Xprinter XP-T8101B, Xprinter XP-T8101B, Xprinter XP-T8102B, Xprinter XP-T8102E, Xprinter XP-T8103B, Xprinter XP-T8103E, Xprinter XP-T8401E, Xprinter XP-T8402E, Xprinter XP-T8403E, Xprinter XP-T8501B, Xprinter XP-T8501B, Xprinter XP-T8503B, Xprinter XP-T41001E, Xprinter XP-T41002E, Xprinter XP-T41003E, Xprinter XP-T41201B, Xprinter XP-T41202B, Xprinter XP-T41203B 

Zebra: Zebra ZD421 (203 dpi) - EPL & ZPL, Zebra ZD421 (300 dpi) - EPL & ZPL, Zebra ZD621 (203 dpi) - EPL & ZPL, Zebra ZD621 (300 dpi) - EPL & ZPL


New Features & Notable Fixes
  • Resolved issue where date/time formats were not printing completely when using Real Time Clocks with QR codes, which only affects ZPL drivers.
  • SATO CL4NX - Fixed encode authorization on NTAG213 tags, and ability to render multiple RFID tag object into one document. 

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