Drivers by Seagull™ Version 2021.1 now available

March 15, 2021

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This release includes over 120 new models for Argox, Godex, SATO, Toshiba TEC, TSC and more. Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes are listed below.

Version 2021.1 is available for immediate download on the Seagull Scientific website.


New Models

AirTrack: AirTrack IP-1 (300 dpi)

Altec: ATP3000 

Argox: G-6800 (PPLA, PPLB, PPLZ), Argox PPLZ 200dpi Central, Argox PPLZ 200dpi Desktop, Argox PPLZ 200dpi Industry, Argox PPLZ 300dpi Central, Argox PPLZ 300dpi Desktop, Argox PPLZ 300dpi Industrial

BeePRT: Beeprt BY-243BT, Beeprt BY-244BT, Beeprt BY-245BT, Beeprt BY-290, Beeprt BY-290BT, Beeprt BY-290E, Beeprt BY-290S, Beeprt BY-480, Beeprt BY-480BT, Beeprt BY-482, Beeprt BY-482BT, Beeprt BY-483, Beeprt BY-483BT, Beeprt BY-486, Beeprt BY-486BT, Beeprt BY-490, Beeprt BY-490P, Beeprt BY-493, Beeprt BY-493P, Beeprt BY-495, Beeprt BY-495P, Beeprt LTK-241BT, Beeprt LTK-244BT


Brady: Brady BBP16M-300, Brady BBP16M-600

Brother: Brother TJ-40, Brother TJ-41, Brother TJ-44, Brother TJ45, Brother TJ-46

Canon: Canon IX-R7000

Deli: Deli DL-730CII, Deli DL-886AL, Deli DL-886AWL, Deli DL-886BL, Deli DL-886BWL, Deli DL-888TW, Deli DL-E888T 

Domino: Domino M230i-F100 LH (203 dpi), Domino M230i-F100 LH (300 dpi), Domino M230i-F100 RH (203 dpi), Domino M230i-F100 RH (300 dpi)

FungLam: FungLam FL-420B

Godex: Godex GTL-130, Godex GTL-130 SD-EPL, Godex GTL-130 SD-ZPL, Godex PE200 (GDX,GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE200L (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE230 (GDX,GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE230L (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE300 (GDX,GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE300L (GDX,GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE330 (GDX,GEPL, GZPL), Godex PE330L (GDX,GEPL, GZPL) (DRV-

GPrinter: Gprinter GP-1834T, Gprinter GP-H420F, Gprinter GP-H430F 

iDPRT: iDPRT SP410, iDPRT SP420, iDPRT iD2000, iDPRT iD2000-ZPL, iDPRT iT888, iDPRT iT888-ZPL


KuaiMai: KuaiMai KDZS001, KuaiMai KDZS001BT, KuaiMai KM-202SP

Qirui: Qirui QR-361, Qirui QR-361BT, Qirui QR-486BT 

SATO: SATO CL4NX-J Plus (203 dpi, 305 dpi, 609 dpi), SATO CL6NX-J Plus (203 dpi, 305 dpi), SATO CL6NX Plus (203 dpi, 305 dpi), 

Toshiba TEC: TEC BV400-G, TEC BV400-T, TOSHIBA BV400 (203 dpi, 300 dpi) 

TSC: TSC MA2400C, TSC MA3400C, TSC ML240C, TSC ML340C 

XARC: XARC 120i, XARC 130i 

Zenpert: Zenpert BD125 


New Features & Notable Fixes
  • Ribbon-saving improvements for the cab XC/XD models. 
  • Added RFID support for SATO CL6NX Plus model printer.
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes for the Print Spooler to restart.
  • Epson CW-C6000/6500 series printers have been updated to support a new matte black ink type.
  • Domino M230i RH and LH drivers have been expanded to include separate models for 4 inch and 6-inch print heads.

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