Drivers by Seagull™ Version 2020.4 now available

November 09, 2020

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This release includes over 185 new models for Domino, Godex, HPRT, Printronix and Videojet, including new support for certain continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. Minor bug fixes included.

Version 2020.4 is available for immediate download on the Seagull Scientific website.

New Models

BCL:  BCL100 (203 dpi), BCL100 (300 dpi), BCL110 (203 dpi), BCL110 (300 dpi), BCL500 (203 dpi), BCL500 (300 dpi), BCL510 (203 dpi), BCL510 (300 dpi), BCL510 (600 dpi), BCL D100 (203 dpi), BCL D100 (300 dpi), BCL D110 (203 dpi), BCL D110 (300 dpi), BCL D150 (203 dpi), BCL D150 (300 dpi), BCL D200 (203 dpi), BCL D200 (300 dpi), BCL D210 (203 dpi), BCL D210 (300 dpi), BCL D250 (203 dpi), BCL D250 (300 dpi), BCL D300 (203 dpi), BCL D300 (300 dpi), BCL D310 (203 dpi), BCL D310 (300 dpi), BCL D350 (203 dpi), BCL D350 (300 dpi), BCL D500 (203 dpi), BCL D500 (300 dpi), BCL D550 (203 dpi), BCL D550 (300 dpi)

Deli: Deli DL-886A(NEW), Deli DL-886AW(NEW), Deli DL-886B(NEW), Deli DL-886W(NEW)

Domino: Domino A100 (60um), Domino A100 (75um), Domino A100+ (60um), Domino A100+ (75um), Domino A200 (60um), Domino A200 (75um), Domino A200+ (60um), Domino A200+ (75um), Domino A300 (60um), Domino A300 (75um), Domino A300+ (60um), Domino A300+ (75um), Domino A320i (60um), Domino A320i (75um), Domino A400 (60um), Domino A400 (75um), Domino A420i (60um), Domino A420i (75um), Domino A520i (60um), Domino A520i (75um), Domino Ax150i (i-Pulse 60um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse 40um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse 50um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse 60um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse 75um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse RS 60um), Domino Ax350i (i-Pulse RS 75um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse 40um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse 50um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse 60um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse 75um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse RS 60um), Domino Ax550i (i-Pulse RS 76um) 

Fabulous: Fabulous 644MU (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous ACTION 4600 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous ACTION P46 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous AT 6+ (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous AUTOID 424i (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous AUTOID F6T (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous BC6000 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous BP600 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous CODE 6400 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous CODE 6400s  (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-600 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-BP46i (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-JI6140 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-LP464i (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-LP600e (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-LP640i (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-LP4604II (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-LP6000i (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous F-X6 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous Falcon 6 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL), Fabulous IP464 (GDX, GEPL, GZPL)

FungLam: FungLam FL-T437B, FungLam FL-T500B, FungLam FL-T500E

Godex: Godex DT4L (300 dpi) (GDX, GEPL, GZPL)

HPRT: HPRT Alpha (300 dpi), HPRT Bravo-L (203 dpi), HPRT Bravo-L (300 dpi), HPRT Elite (300 dpi), HPRT Prime (300 dpi) 

IDENTjet:IDENTjet D4-6,  IDENTjet D4-6 SD-EPL, IDENTjet D4-6 SD-ZPL, IDENTjet M6-2, IDENTjet M6-2 SD-EPL, IDENTjet M6-2 SD-ZPL, IDENTjet M6-2 SD-ZPL, IDENTjet M6-3 SD-EPL, IDENTjet M6-3 SD-ZPL  

iDPRT: iDPRT iT4B (203 dpi), iDPRT iT4B (300 dpi)

IMAGE:IMAGE iM2B (203 dpi), IMAGE iM2B (300 dpi)

Intermec: Intermec PM43 (600 dpi) - DP, Intermec PM43 (600 dpi) - IPL 

OausTect: OausTect OT-425A, OausTect OT-450A, OausTect OT-470A, OausTect OT-480A, OausTect OT-490A, OausTect OT-T437B, OausTect OT-T500B, OausTect OT-T500E

Printronix: Printronix P8000 - PGL

SAT: SAT ST48 USE (203 dpi) (ZPL), SAT ST48 USE (300 dpi) (ZPL)

Urovo: Urovo D8640X (600 dpi) (GDX, GEPL, GZPL) 

Videojet: Videojet 1510 WSI,  Videojet 1520 WSI, Videojet 1530 WSI, Videojet 1550, Videojet 1560, Videojet 1580, Videojet 1610 WSI, Videojet 1620 WSI, Videojet 1630 WSI, Videojet 1650, Videojet 1660, Videojet 1710 WSI, Videojet 1860, Videojet 9550 (53mm), Videojet 9550 (160mm)  

New Features:

  • Added support for continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, Videojet 1000 Series and Domino A/Ax Series.

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