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NovaCina Realizes +30% Cost Savings by Printing Labels In-house

BarTender Intelligent Templates and professional services provide contemporary solution for label compliance.

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“Using BarTender was the opportunity for us to significantly reduce our costs, including bringing label printing in-house. It offers us the flexibility to on-line print on our manufacturing lines and being a contemporary labeling solution, we know it’s compliant.” 

- Dan Peach, VP of Digital, NovaCina 

  • NovaCina serves customers across 80 countries around the world and must adhere to contemporary regulatory compliance standards from agencies such as FDA, TGA, ANVISA and EAEU 

  • Compliance protocols required updated infrastructure, updated systems, and a robust and secure labeling solution. 

  • Outsourcing labels was costly and required longer turnaround times for label delivery.


  • BarTender Intelligent Templates provides consolidated templates allowing for easier standardization and less IT maintenance. 

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP allows for smooth label operations.

  • Printing high quality labels in-house provides more flexibility, faster turnaround times, and reduced costs.

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NovaCina is a trusted CDMO providing premium sterile liquid pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services. With expertise spanning early-stage drug development, full-scale manufacturing, and advanced analytical studies, NovaCina empowers customers to deliver market-leading products of unparalleled quality. NovaCina, located in Perth, Australia, is supported by Peacock Bros and has been operating for over 30 years - winning multiple awards for both safety and quality. 

Challenge: High Labeling Costs and Compliance Requirements Sparked Search for New Solutions

Serving customers worldwide as a leading contract development and manufacturing organization for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, NovaCina ensures strict compliance with each country’s regulatory requirements. As products are manufactured, their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system calculates the required number of labels and communicates this information to BarTender for subsequent label printing. Accurate label reconciliation is essential for compliance, as every printed label must be accounted for to prevent mislabeling. Additionally, labels feature pictorial symbols to guide handlers in wearing appropriate protective equipment to manage the manufacturing, packaging and transport of the products safely.

Solution: BarTender Provides Intelligent Templates and Label Management for Safety and Compliance

Using BarTender Intelligent Templates in-house empowers NovaCina with full autonomy over label design, label customization, label management, and label printing. With the freedom to design and print labels on demand, NovaCina can scale their labeling operations with ease at a cheaper overall cost. With BarTender templates, NovaCina can quickly create and design labels to their customers’ requirements with the added benefit automating the auditing of their labels for reconciliation using BarTender’s Print History feature and BarTender Librarian. Without the auditing capabilities, the team would have to manually account for every label printed to comply with agency regulations. With assistance from the BarTender Professional Services team in getting BarTender set up and integrated into their ERP system, NovaCina continues to provide high quality products to customers worldwide.  

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