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MOBO Druck and BarTender rapidly create reliable labels for Germany’s beverage bottle deposit system


MOBO Druck GmbH turns to BarTender to develop self-adhesive labels that can withstand extreme conditions and accurately record variable data for the DPG beverage bottle deposit system.

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  • Durable and resistant labels
  • Faster and secure label printing
  • Acceleration of workflow
  • Transparency throughout the supply chain

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Every day, MOBO Druck, a packaging and printing company based in Germany, receives label print orders in the form of variable data records from Germany’s DPG beverage bottle deposit system. The DPG labeling requires enormous amounts of information to be captured rapidly and meticulously — is critical to accurately record exactly where a bottle deposit was collected and where it was paid.

When used deposit bottles have been returned, they are then packaged in large plastic bags which are labeled for transport, and then sent to the certified counting centers that inventory the returns and prepare electronic data sets from the bottle deposit invoices. To ensure clear identification throughout the whole supply chain, the transport labels must be highly adhesive and durable, able to withstand extreme conditions of moisture, variations in temperature and rough handling throughout the supply chain.


MOBO has developed a highly resistant and self-adhesive label which is divided in three segments of varying sizes. The main label that will be attached to the plastic bag can be read and scanned from both sides. The two smaller segments are used as logistic and control labels and ensure data availability to all participants in the supply chain.

All information is printed with the TSC industrial thermal transfer printer MX240. The printer features a large amount of memory, including 256 MB SDRAM and 128 MB FLASH, to successfully manage the huge amounts of variable data DPG labeling requires. The printers’ thermal transfer technology provides the durability to stand up to extreme conditions. Sven Herzog, Sales Manager at MOBO, is pleased about the fast printing speed of up to 14 ips and its ease of use. “Compared with the previous printer we used, the printing process now is two hours faster by using the MX240.”

The process uses BarTender® labeling software, to easily create and print the labels.



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