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BarTender ensures accurate container identification with NFC tags for medical supplier


A medical supplies manufacturer successfully uses BarTender to inlay NFC tags on their reagent containers, resulting in information clarity, accuracy for laboratories, and huge time savings.

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A manufacturer needed a way to uniquely identify containers of reagents while maintaining information clarity and label accuracy. This is a mission-critical objective since the reagents are used in medical laboratories. The manufacturer wanted to inlay each label with an NFC tag to achieve this goal.


Using the dynamic Print Code Modifier functionality of BarTender® 2022 Enterprise Edition, a team of BarTender Sales Engineers adapted the native code from the driver so NTAG213 inlays could be encoded. Systematic testing was done to ensure long-term success.


After implementing Seagull Scientific’s solution, the manufacturer was highly satisfied. At any point in the supply chain, each container could be tapped with an NFC tag reader and the identifying information would be displayed. This saved time while ensuring higher accuracy of information.



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