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Whey ahead of the curve: DairyChem reduces labeling errors by 96% with BarTender


BarTender integrates with Blend ERP and NetSuite to simplify label printing across all product lines to any manufacturing site


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“BarTender is user-friendly – I’m never worried that something will go wrong. It’s very straightforward, very direct. Once you learn a handful of things it can help quicken the process of getting the labels created.”

- Kyle Hunt, Vice President of Operations

critical needs:

  • Siloed database required large amount of memory recall for label data entry 

  • Manual inputs and processes caused in data mismatch and labeling errors 

  • New customer order intake process and new label template workflow was cumbersome 

  • Product-specific GHS regulation label compliance 


  • Reduced total labeling errors by 96% saving human capital and increasing overall productivity 

  • Label printing in 2 clicks by integrating BarTender with Blend ERP and NetSuite 

  • All labels could be printed remotely to other locations anytime 

  • GHS compliant dynamically printed label content for every product 


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Founded in 1993 and based in Fisher, Indiana, DairyChem excels as an innovative leader in the natural dairy flavor market. Specializing in custom solutions, the company caters to a broad spectrum of food products, from traditional dairy to diverse applications in sauces, soups, and snacks. Dairy flavoring is used to restore flavor that is typically lost in reduced fat foods. In addition to adding flavoring, the flavoring offers a cost-reductive alternative to dairy products while increasing mouth feel. DairyChem's commitment to quality, customer-centric product development, and efficient service has established them as a trusted partner in the food and beverage industry. 

Challenge: Labeling errors and manual processes affect the bottom line

With 21 years at DairyChem, Kyle Hunt leads the company as Vice President of Operations. His top challenge and responsibility revolve around production scheduling and ensuring accurate labeling on all products. A substantial portion of his role involved handling manual processes with the former Label Matrix labeling system, which often required extensive manual data entry and even memory recall for customer numbers, product codes, expiration dates, and lot codes. The manual system contributed to about 5-6 labeling errors per week or 286 labeling errors per year, causing significant disruptions in shipping and forcing product relabeling. Each mislabel led to resource-intensive rework of 400-500 pails of product a week. The adoption of GHS standardization in 2012 further complicated these tasks, which required detailed pictograms and warning labels on products. This shift in industry compliance and product labeling requirements demanded updates to DairyChem's internal processes, safety data sheets, and all labels.  

Dairychem Labels Before&After

On the left, DairyChem labels before GHS regulations were introduced. Labels for each product, for every packaging configuration, and for weights shown in both pounds and kilos. On the right, updated GHS compliant labels designed and printed with BarTender with content, statement, ingredients all dynamically printed based on product. 


Solution: Data integration automates label printing with two clicks 

Over the past decade, DairyChem has undergone a remarkable digital transformation, transitioning from manual labeling processes to leveraging advanced integrations and automations with BarTender. This evolution culminated in the integration of comprehensive systems designed to simplify and optimize their entire labeling operations. At the heart of this transformation is BarTender Enterprise, allowing for any label printing to be done in just two clicks by any print operator to any location. “What you see is what you get – what you see on the template, you drop it in there, change how it’s displayed, and print. It’s predictable,” says Kyle Hunt. This streamlined process not only eliminates the need to manually recall customer information but has also led to a remarkable 96% reduction in labeling errors. 

With every new customer, DairyChem embraced their unique needs and requirements that they brought. Each customer had unique specifications for their labels, ranging from essential details like lot numbers, expiration dates, manufacturing dates, to more specialized requirements such as QR codes, barcodes, and even personalized corporate logos. By using BarTender’s template-based approach, DairyChem was able to seamlessly integrate all of the necessary data and load them into a label template for on-demand label printing. This process sped up the order intake process which allowed the teams to fulfill more orders per day. The increased efficiency in order fulfillment allowed DairyChem to increase their revenue and expand operations to more locations. 

With the help of Rick Schilling, President of Integrated Productivity Systems, LLC (IPSi) and his team, the DairyChem team integrated directly with their NetSuite environment through Blend ERP to enhance the overall user functionality within the platform. Blend ERP is a family of Built-For-Netsuite native SuiteApps that support process manufacturers, from formula management to labeling. One of their SuiteApps is BarTender Label Printing, which offers one-click printing between NetSuite and BarTender (whether on-premise or in the cloud). This sophisticated integration system empowers floor workers to efficiently generate labels anytime they need it. With a few simple clicks, they can select labels and immediately print them at the desired printer, while also including address labels for customer pallets. This two-labels-in-one-process increased overall label operational efficiency and has allowed DairyChem to build upon their lean manufacturing process.  

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