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CBS Foodtech saves over $50K per year with BarTender Professional Services’ ERP integration to automate label printing


Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with BarTender streamlines entire label printing process

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Bartender has provided the missing automation link between our operators and our ERP system and is providing 100% accurate and fully compliant labels day after day. Not only is it saving time, it is also eliminating the specific product knowledge required to generate labels needed in the past. In an employment environment where staff turnover can be higher than desirable, this removal of barriers to use has been well received

- Chris Atwood, General Manager, CBS Foodtech

critical needs:
  • Adhere to PEAL standards and automatically bold allergen ingredients

  • Modernization of systems, streamline processes, and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Seamless integration of ERP systems to automate and print labels

  • Increased label accuracy and met regulatory compliance requirements

  •  Empowered the entire team to access and print labels as needed

  • Reduced print operator time from 20-30 minutes for a single user to 2 minutes by anyone

  • Simplified job requirements for team members; increasing their job satisfaction

  • Significant error reductions from less manual processes

  • Microsoft Dynamics integration to streamlined all label printing


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CBS Foodtech aims to become the top choice for food manufacturers by providing innovative technology-driven solutions and leveraging their extensive industry experience to assist customers in making informed decisions for the best food manufacturing processes. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, CBS Foodtech offers comprehensive services encompassing food processing, consumables, test kitchens, and consulting. With 25 dedicated employees, they are committed to supporting businesses in delivering culinary excellence to their valued customers.

As General Manager at CBS Foodtech, Chris Atwood spearheads the full commercial operations, focusing on profitability, sustainability, and fostering an optimal work environment. With a background in engineering and IT spanning over 40 years, he takes charge of modernizing backend systems and processes to ensure seamless business operations.


CBS Foodtech had been using BarTender for nearly a decade; however, the previous version they employed lacked compatibility with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. The workflow involved several manual steps, from finding the right product template to connecting the Microsoft Excel database, selecting prints, adding specific information, and printing labels. The process was time-consuming, demanding around 30 minutes per job and requiring a trained operator.

Mistakes in crucial details such as lot numbers, expiration dates, or non-compliant food ingredient listings could lead to hundreds of label waste. Additionally, having numerous manual steps within the label process introduced numerous potentials for failure points. Details that required precision, user-friendliness, and bolded allergen wording to comply with industry regulations.

Additionally, the label printing process was cumbersome, requiring the dedicated expertise of a single trained operator and reliance on Excel spreadsheets for ingredient lists.


By leveraging the BarTender Professional Services team’s expertise to harness BarTender's flexible integration capabilities, CBS Foodtech successfully connected Microsoft Dynamics with all their operating systems, resulting in a remarkable reduction in labeling time. Previously, a job that consumed 20 to 30 minutes of one designated operator's time can now be completed in just 2 minutes by any team member using the latest version of BarTender. This efficiency boost has led to increased productivity, heightened job satisfaction, and streamlined operations across the organization.

BarTender proved to be an exceptionally effective labeling solution, addressing various challenges in a modernized and simplified manner. It empowered Chris' team to overcome daily obstacles, including label printing difficulties, regulatory compliance, and label accuracy assurance.

The seamless integration of BarTender with their existing technology architecture took approximately 4 weeks, providing immediate benefits for CBS Foodtech. By prioritizing a labeling solution that seamlessly integrated into their systems, rather than the reverse, CBS Foodtech was able to continue servicing food manufacturers with uninterrupted service.


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