BarTender Starter Edition: the perfect labeling solution for small businesses

July 16, 2020

The newest product in the BarTender lineup, BarTender Starter Edition is a fully integrated software package designed for small businesses in need of implementing labeling into their business operations. It’s an easy-to-understand, straightforward way to generate labels with dynamically sourced data. And compared to other products in the market, Starter Edition supports multiple users across multiple computers.  

Save time and cut costs

The ability to create labels in-house reduces the time and costs associated with outsourcing labels. That’s why BarTender Starter Edition includes sophisticated design tools and -1/+1 incremental serialization. With over 400 preformatted, ready-to-use components based on 105 barcode symbologies and more than a dozen standards, businesses can create beautifully designed, serialized labels in virtually no time.

Traceability and Amazon Transparency

With various recalls and counterfeit products plaguing the market, it’s vital that organizations can create highly trackable and traceable labels that can help prove the legitimacy and safety of their products. BarTender Starter Edition can pull dynamic data from Excel or CSV files and use it to populate a label, providing unique, item-level identification.

Starter Edition was built with the Amazon Transparency program in mind. We have worked closely with Amazon to create the ideal solution for the brands and contract manufacturers who are a part of the program. By using BarTender’s built-in business logic, businesses can automate the creation of their Amazon Transparency-compliant labels. Users can connect one of the pre-built templates featured in our sample label library with their Amazon-provided CSV file, and produce Transparency labeling just-in-time, on-demand.

Create a scalable labeling deployment

When a label is not centrally stored and can only be managed by one user, the user must edit the label onsite, and distributing the updated label as needed, often via email. This practice causes significant inefficiencies for companies of all sizes. Starter Edition allows for multiple users to update, modify and print templates in real time over a network. And the BarTender software suite is designed to make it easy for users to add more features as their business needs grow by simply upgrading to a more powerful edition. BarTender is scalable for any business, any industry and any application.

Starter Edition is available through our extensive global network of resellers and partners. Visit the Starter Edition software page and learn how you can get it for your team.


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