1 Install

1. Install BarTender 2022

Locate the BarTender.exe installation file and double click the BarTender installation package to start the installation wizard. On the welcome page of the BarTender Setup wizard, read and accept the license agreement, and then click Install.

Click Finish to complete the installation.


2 Activate

2. Activate your BarTender Trial License

Activation is an easy process. To authenticate your software license, enter your trial Product Key Code (PKC) which is located in the Trial Downloads section of the Portal. Click Next to confirm your licensing server and successfully activate your license.




3 Template Library

3. Select Your Label

Open BarTender Designer. The application will immediately ask "what would you like to do" in which you will choose start a new BarTender document. On the next page of the New Document Wizard, choose the template library option to access our extensive collection of pre-defined label templates.



3 Select Label

4. Locate the template file

Locate the pallet portrait template file by navigating through the "Logistics" folder, click the "GS1" sub-folder, and then click the "GS1 - 128 Shipping" sub-folder. Click Select or double click on the Pallet_Portrait to move on to the next step.


4 Set Up Document

5. set up your document

After selecting your label template, you will immediately be brought back to the New Document Wizard where you can set up and review your document settings. Click Next to select your printer and review your document specs.

Click Finish when you're ready to customize and print your label.




5 Print

6. Print your label

Once you're in the Designer tool, select "Print" under File or choose the Print tool in the main toolbar. Verify that your printer and settings are correct and click Print.




You did it!

Congratulations on printing your first label with BarTender!

Ready to advance your labeling skills? Let's connect your label to a database. Watch a short tutorial or visit our Getting Started with BarTender Support Center.





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