Professional Services Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 2022-3-18


Professional Services offered by Seagull Scientific (Seagull) are charged on a fixed fee (QuickStart) and hourly basis (Solution Consulting and Template Design).

Period of use and refunds

Consumption of Professional Services hours must occur within 90 days of purchase for QuickStart and date of Customer signature on the Statement of Work for Solutions Consulting and Template Design. There are no purchase refunds for any Professional Services offering.    

Travel expense

All Onsite services and associated Travel will be represented as a stand-alone line item in the Professional Services Statement of Work. Travel Expenses will be reimbursed upon receipt of invoice and expense summary from Seagull.  

Service hours

Unless otherwise noted in Statement of Work, Professional Services are provided during Seagull’s normal operating hours:  Americas: Monday through Friday, 6:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. Pacific Time. EMEA: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 to 18:00 GMT +1 and Friday 9:00 to 17:00 GMT +1


It is the responsibility of the requester / owner of the BarTender license (Customer) to thoroughly verify any programming, scripting, or document design provided through Seagull’s Professional Services. Seagull strongly recommends that such verification be conducted in a test environment prior to testing in your production environment. Following delivery of the provided solution, a 30-day grace period is provided during which the Customer may contact Seagull with questions, concerns or to report issues with the provided solution. Once the Customer approves the services Seagull provided, the Customer will not receive compensation of any kind from Seagull if problems, directly or indirectly related to the professional services offered, arise following the 30-day grace period. If no Customer feedback has been provided within the 30-day grace period, Seagull will automatically consider the solution provided as completed and approved. Should the Customer require future modifications to the programming, scripting, or document design services provided, these incremental services will be charged as a new project according to Seagull’s standard terms and conditions.   

Authority to bind

The person purchasing Professional Services and/or signing a Statement of Work acknowledges this is a legally binding transaction and/or document and confirms they are authorized to sign the contract. 


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