An Alternative to Embedded Printer Code
Why you should use label printing software instead of embedded ZPL, EPL, DPL, or other printer code

Some companies try to control their label printing by having their developers create hard-coded label printer language files for each type of printer and for each type of label. But that approach results in a variety of problems:

  • It is costly to change label formats or to change printers
  • The developer and source files must be easily available for any changes
  • Labels cannot include fonts, barcodes and other features that are not supported natively by a specific printer, including variable font sizes and changing graphics

Given the importance of accurate labels, and the high cost of using embedded printer language, label printing software needs to be precise, flexible and efficient:

  • The software needs to work at high speed with your label printer of choice, whether you are using a desktop printer or an industrial printer, and whether it’s a direct thermal printer, a thermal transfer printer or an inkjet printer.
  • It needs to enable the fastest possible printing by taking advantage of barcode, font and serialization capabilities that are already built into your printer.
  • It also needs to allow the printing of barcodes, fonts and other features that are not native to the printer.
  • The software must enable you to securely launch print jobs across a network, and even to locations around the world.

BarTender® is the world's most trusted label printing software

BarTender® software from Seagull Scientific is the most trusted label printing program, used by the largest companies in the world to print mission-critical labels across widely distributed facilities with strong security and auditability.

Download the free BarTender Trial Edition to see how it makes label printing both powerful and easy.

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"BarTender’s ability to integrate with any ERP and Safety Data Sheet authoring and management system, coupled with its easy-to-use and powerful Intelligent Templates™, has made it our go-to software product for integrating and solving the challenges associated with GHS compliance labeling in all of our chemical customers."

—Rick Schilling, President, Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi)