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Seagull License Server Remote Assistant

For Use with Citrix and Remote Desktop Clients

You need to install the Remote Assistant for Seagull License Server on any client PC for which all of the following are true:

  • You are running the Automation or Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender.
  • BarTender is running inside a client session of Citrix XenApp or Windows Remote Desktop.
  • You are using that session of BarTender to print to one or more printers attached to your client PC.

Failure to install the SLS Remote Assistant on your client PC in this situation can cause your Seagull License Server to significantly over-count the number of printers on your network and thereby reduce your ability to access all of your printers.

Click here to download the SLS Remote Assistant component:

(Once the file has been downloaded, double-click it to run the self-extracting installer program.)

For full details about SLS Remote Assistant, please read the White Paper "Using BarTender with Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp."

For more detailed information about how Seagull License Server works, please view the following sources:

  • Licensing for BarTender's Automation Editions white paper. (English Only)
  • On the main menu of the Seagull License Server software, click Help and select Seagull License Server Help.
  • On the main menu of BarTender, click Administer and select Licensing Setup... When the dialog opens, click the Help button.

TrueType Font with Slashed Zero

Some of our customers have expressed a need for a font with a slashed zero. This page contains a TrueType font which has a slashed zero.

Disclaimer: This font is provided as is, free of charge, with no warranties or technical support privileges.

For additional information about this font, including updates or licensing questions, check with the manufacturer of the font. Software Renovation Corporation.

Slashed Zero TrueType font: Crystal