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Dairy farm deploys BarTender labeling system to enable FSMA compliance

A BarTender-driven labeling system is enabling a dairy farm to meet rigorous federal food safety requirements, as well as to save time and reduce testing errors.

GHS labeling project simplifies compliance, cuts costs

BarTender is at the heart of a scalable, adaptable labeling solution that is helping a growing chemical manufacturer comply with GHS and other industry regulations while also reducing costs as the company grows through acquisition of new businesses, brands and product portfolios.

Labeling insulin pens in a regional healthcare system pharmacy

BarTender enables accuracy and patient safety by integrating pharmaceutical database information, generating ISMP Tall Man Text and automating the calculation of variables required for safe medication dispensing and use.

Global, Multi-Facility CFR 21 Part 11 Pharma Labeling

Read how BarTender transformed a highly manual set of labeling processes, increasing supply chain efficiencies and reducing exposure in a global, multi-facility CFR 21 Part 11 pharmaceutical deployment.

Global Centralization and SAP integration at Contract Packager Vetter Pharma

Vetter Pharma creates, prints and administers its labels directly from SAP. Learn how BarTender helped Vetter simplify their labeling system and meet global serialization requirements while maintaining GMP compliance.

Integrating BarTender Software with IUID Compliance Software

In this video case study from 2010, see how a systems integrator (The Danby Group) and an IUID software developer (A2B Tracking Solutions) used BarTender software by Seagull Scientific to streamline operations for Force Protection Industries, manufacturer of "mine-resistant, ambush-protected" (MRAP) military vehicles.

What's New in BarTender 2016

New Integration Builder, Print Portal, Administration Console and 64-bit support. Improved data entry forms, Visual Basic Script Editor, database connectivity, and much more. Download the white paper now.


Assigning Sequential Numbers
Using Serialization to Assign Unique Identifiers to Items (updated 2016-03-02)
Creating Intelligent Templates™
Using dynamic design techniques to print multiple outputs using a single document (updated 2016-08-05)
Using GS1 Application Identifiers
Adding Application Identifiers Using BarTender's Application Identifier Wizard (updated 2015-11-04)
Using International Characters in BarTender
How to Read Data and Print Characters from Almost Every Language and Writing System in the World (updated 2017-03-07)
Color Coding Your Items
How to Dynamically Change the Color of Objects on Your Template (updated 2016-08-03)
Weighing Scales
Installing and Using Weighing Scales with BarTender's Data Entry Forms (updated 2016-09-27)
Creating Headers and Footers
Using a Page Template to Add Headers and Footers to Your Document (updated 2016-03-02)


Drivers by Seagull™
The Advantage of Using Drivers by Seagull (English version updated 2018-10-17) (updated 2015-10-17)
Installing Drivers by Seagull™
How to Properly Install, Upgrade and Remove Drivers by Seagull™ (updated 2018-05-02)
Exporting Printer Code Templates
The Advantages and Disadvantages of using PCTs with BarTender (updated 2015-11-06)
Printer Driver Upgrades
Important improvements and changes for Drivers by Seagull™ v. 2017.1 and later (updated 2018-06-07)
Optimizing Print Performance
Configuring Your Printers and Optimizing Your Templates for Maximum Throughput (updated 2015-11-08)
Status Monitoring
Using Drivers by Seagull™ to Display Printer Status Information (updated 2015-11-08)
The BarTender Print Portal App
Professional Printing Using Your Smartphone or Tablet (updated 2016-12-01)


BarTender Integration Methods
Integrating BarTender's Printing and Design Functionality with Your Custom Application (updated 2016-08-08)
Integrating with BarTender Integration Builder
Building, Testing and Deploying BarTender Integrations with Business Systems, Including SAP and Oracle (updated 2016-08-08)
Integration with SAP (BarTender 10.1 and earlier)
How to Automatically Print BarTender Labels using SAP's Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII), IDocs, and SAPscript (updated 2014-06-17)
Transitioning from Commander to Integration Builder
How to Convert Legacy Commander Task Lists into Integration Files (updated 2016-08-03)
Integration with Oracle's WMS and MSCA (BarTender 10.1 and earlier)
How to Automatically Print Labels from Oracle Applications (updated 2014-06-17)
Integration with IBM WebSphere Sensor Events (BarTender 10.1 and earlier)
How to Automatically Print Labels from IBM WebSphere Sensor Events (updated 2014-06-17)
Exporting Printer Code Templates
The Advantages and Disadvantages of using PCTs with BarTender (updated 2015-11-05)
Middleware for Automatically Printing Labels in Response to User-Defined Events (Replaced in BarTender 2016 with the Integration Builder.) (updated 2016-09-27)
Automation with BTXML Script
Using BarTender XML to Automate BarTender and Integrate with Other Applications (updated 2017-03-03)


32-bit and 64-bit BarTender
How to Select the Right Version for Your Needs (updated 2016-09-28)
BarTender Software Activation
A Guide to Activating BarTender Software (updated 2015-11-06)
Revision Control
Solutions to Protect Your Documents and Track Workflow (updated 2015-11-09)
Licensing for BarTender's Automation Editions
Understanding Printer-Based Licensing and How to Configure Seagull License Server (updated 2018-10-14)
Silent Install
Installing BarTender and Seagull License Server Using Command Lines (updated 2018-10-13)
BarTender Version Upgrades
Best Practices for Updating Your BarTender Installation (updated 2018-10-12)
BarTender System Security
Selecting the Best Security Measures for Your BarTender Environment (updated 2016-08-03)
Using BarTender with Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp
Printing and Licensing Issues (updated 2018-10-14)
Understanding the BarTender System Database
The central data storage for applications in the BarTender Suite. (updated 2018-10-13)


GHS Compliance Labeling
Printing Labels That Comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) (updated 2017-03-31)
EU Energy Labeling
Printing Labels That Comply with EU Directive 2010/30/EU (updated 2015-11-06)
EU Food Allergen Labeling
Using BarTender to print labels that comply with EU regulation N° 1169/2011 (updated 2016-08-03)
GHS Compliance Labeling for Version 10.0 and Older
Printing labels that comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) (updated 2014-06-18)

Companion Applications

Printer Maestro
True Enterprise Print Management for Windows (updated 2016-08-03)
Batch Maker
Simplifying Repetitive Print Operations (updated 2016-08-03)
Integrating Secure Workflow and Revision Control into Your Production Environment (updated 2015-11-06)
History Explorer
View and Export Logged Print Job Information (updated 2016-08-03)
Administration Console
Managing BarTender Security, the BarTender System Database, Integrations and Services (updated 2015-11-06)
Print Station
Point-and-Click Printing (updated 2016-08-11)
Reprint Console
Quickly and Easily Reprint Items (updated 2015-11-09)
BarTender Print Portal
Web-Based Software for Printing BarTender Documents (updated 2016-12-01)
BarTender Web Print Server
Web-Based Software for Printing Barcodes, Labels, ID Cards and More (Version 10.1 and earlier; replaced in BarTender 2016 with the Print Portal) (updated 2012-06-11)
Middleware for Automatically Printing Labels in Response to User-Defined Events (Replaced in BarTender 2016 with the Integration Builder.) (updated 2016-09-27)

What's New

What's New in BarTender 2016
New Integration Builder, Print Portal, Improved Database Connectivity, Administration Console, 64-bit Support, Improved Data Entry Forms and Visual Basic Script Editor, and Much More (updated 2015-11-10)
What's New in BarTender 10.1
Improved Serialization, New Global Data Fields, New Custom Page Templates, New Conditional Printing and More. (updated 2013-09-26)
What's New in BarTender 10.0
Card Printing, Advanced Drawing Functions, Major User-Interface Improvements, Data Type Support and more. (updated 2012-03-01)
What's New in BarTender 9.4
Enhanced Rich Text, Two-sided Printing, Live Database View While Editing, and Many Other Improvements (updated 2011-01-19)
What's New in BarTender 9.3
Improved Print-Time Data Entry Forms, Powerful New Weighing Scale Support, Improved IBM WebSphere Functionality, Serial Port Triggers and more! (updated 2010-05-14)
What's New in BarTender 9.2
Revision Control, new Print Utilities, new Commander Features, and more! (updated 2009-12-01)
What's New in BarTender 9.1
The brand new Security Center, expanded reprint functionality, new bar codes, and more! (updated 2009-04-21)
What's New in BarTender 9.0
Details about our Biggest Software Release in Over Ten Years (updated 2009-02-03)


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What's New in BarTender 2016 (Summary)

This summary describes the new and improved capabilities of BarTender 2016, which enhances your design and printing experience and makes it easier than ever to manage and administer your operations. For a full description of the new features, read the white paper.

BarTender Software for Chemical Labeling

BarTender barcode and label software is an integral component of the GHS compliance labeling strategy of the world’s chemical facilities, from ICIS top 10 manufacturers to small, regional operations.

BarTender Software for Food Labeling

BarTender offers centralized and secure control of your food labeling processes, and supports multiple printer families across your supply chain—mobile printers in the field or shipboard, remote printers in your cold storage warehouse, or printers located in your central processing or manufacturing facility.

BarTender Software for Labeling and Marking Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers choose BarTender for its unparalleled security and serialization capabilities. BarTender is scalable to any system requirement and adaptable to the entire spectrum of AIDC technologies.

BarTender Software for Pharmaceutical Labeling

BarTender enables pharma manufacturers, contract packagers, repackagers, kitters and 3PL providers to meet global serialization mandates. It is successfully deployed in systems validated by the US FDA and European Commission, and it supports every level of regulatory mandate across the global supply chain: product code, batch variable, serialization, e-pedigree and aggregation.

BarTender Software for Supply Chain

BarTender is an integral component of the logistics, warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability labeling strategies of the world’s supply chains. Seamless integration with ERP systems increases labeling accuracy while enabling automation and improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain. BarTender’s centralized control connects your business data with a wide variety of printers—whether you have one printer at a single plant or thousands of printers at facilities around the world.

BarTender Software for EU Food Allergen (FIC) Labeling

BarTender includes everything you need to automate the design and printing of FIC-compliant ingredient labels — no special plug-ins or forms necessary. 

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Our Customers Say

"BarTender’s ability to integrate with any ERP and Safety Data Sheet authoring and management system, coupled with its easy-to-use and powerful Intelligent Templates™, has made it our go-to software product for integrating and solving the challenges associated with GHS compliance labeling in all of our chemical customers."

—Rick Schilling, President, Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi)