Social equality

Taking the Next Steps toward Social Equality

At Seagull Scientific, we believe the remarkable variety of cultures embodied by American society is a core component of America’s success.  That’s why, in our global hiring, we have always welcomed individuals of all backgrounds and identities.  Our philosophy is simple -- if you can contribute to making Seagull a better, more successful company, then we want you.

After more than a century of progress in America toward improved equal opportunity, the year 2020 shone a stark light on just how much work remains to be done in America and around the world.  Questions were again raised about the ability of historically marginalized communities to achieve equal justice under the law.  Pandemic job losses disproportionally affected the poor and people of color.  Less affluent school districts confronted greater obstacles in their efforts to deliver quality education to their communities.

In 2021, with the end of the pandemic finally somewhat in sight, we need to appreciate that, as these heightened struggles leave the headlines, the underlying problems will remain until they have been more fully addressed.  That’s why, at Seagull, we feel that simply being an equal opportunity employer is no longer sufficient. We are committed to instituting continuously improving programs to ensure that our recruitment, retention, and promotion policies and practices are inclusive and diverse.

It’s not enough to simply not be part of the problem, we must be an active part of the solution. We believe that education is one the best mechanisms available to create a more equitable society. That’s why launched the Seagull Scientific Fairness in Education Fund. Fairness is a core part of our corporate culture and we want to do what we can to improve the equity of access to education.

The Seagull Scientific, Fairness in Education Fund

Its charter is to promote equal educational opportunity for both historically disadvantaged communities and the economically disadvantaged, with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). While this is a USA program for now, we will make it a global program over time.

Seagull Scientific is a technology-driven company. We believe that the STEM skillset has tremendous potential to not only improve the world, but to improve economic opportunity for individuals. Some of our charities are exclusively focused on STEM while some have a broader mission. All are focused on serving historically underprivileged and economically disadvantaged people pursue educational opportunities.

By matching employee donations two-to-one, Seagull expects to provide over $100,000 in the Fund’s first year to charitable organizations whose charters align with our goals.  At this time we are supporting:

  • Washington State Charities
    • Washington STEM
    • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
  • National Charities
    • National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)

(We expect to review and update our charities annually.)

A Better Future for All

Equality is a complex problem that will require sustained, indefinite effort. We will continuously look for ways to improve and ways that we can do more. With the global groundswell of support from individuals, corporations, and organizations around the world, we hope we can finally achieve real lasting equality for all.

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