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What's New in BarTender 9.4

Two-sided printing, Improved Rich Text editing, Live Database View, and more!

BarTender version 9.4 began shipping in January of 2011. Some of the most exciting new features are listed below.

The new user-interfaces shown in English on this page are either already translated or being translated into the 22 additional languages supported by BarTender.

Two-Sided Label
Design and Printing

BarTender 9.4 lets you create separate designs for the front and back of your labels, so you can take full advantage of the latest "duplex" label printers.
  Two-Sided Printing
View the Front and Back of your Label Designs

Powerful New "Rich Text" Object
The new WYSIWYG editor gives you truly professional text formatting. Everything shown in the editing window below is actually a single Rich Text (RTF) object. (The new Rich Text object also supports HTML and XAML.)

Click to enlarge image.
Click to Zoom
The new Rich Text object makes it easier to satisfy
complex industrial label requirements.

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Embedded Revision Log
Embedded Revision Log When enabled, the new Embedded Revision Log feature saves into the document (BTW File) a detailed history of all label format changes. This includes a list of objects created and changed, when the changes were made (and by whom), and an optional user-supplied comment. The Revision Log can be used by itself or in combination with Librarian’s sophisticated workflow management and security functions to create a remarkably powerful document control system. (Revision Log requires Professional edition or better. Librarian requires Enterprise Automation edition.)

Live Database View in Label Design Area
Although BarTender has long provided full "WYSIWYG" display of text, the "Print Preview" function used to be the only way to see live data from your database. Now you can see your live data merged into the correct locations of your labels during your entire design session. The convenient Database Navigator Toolbar lets you easily verify the appearance of any record.

View Any Record

New Database and Librarian SDKs
Two additional SDKs now let developers integrate other programs directly with Librarian and the BarTender System Database. So you can directly access information about past print jobs, document versions, and even reprint past label jobs – all from within your other software.

Plus More!
Additional enhancements have been made to:

Bar Codes
BarTender UI
Batch Maker
Security Center
Access and management of the SDKs
The Online Help System

For More Information
Not all features are available in all editions. For complete details about BarTender version 9.4, please see our What's New in BarTender 9.4 white paper at:


BarTender Now GS1 Certified

Seagull's official GS1 US Seal,
including Seagull's unique Global
Service Relation Number (GSRN).

On October 1, 2010, GS1 US, the administrator of the global GS1 System of supply-chain standards in the U.S., declared BarTender a "GS1 US Certified Bar Code Software Product." This makes Seagull Scientific a formally-certified member of the "GS1 US BarCodes and eCom™ Solution Partner Program."

The Importance of Testing and Compliance
BarTender version 9.3 (Service Release 1) was rigorously tested for proper compliance by the GS1 US organization in all 10 of the available GS1 bar code symbology application categories. This included long-standing symbologies, such as UPC and GS1-128, as well as newer, more advanced symbologies, such as the GS1 DataBar composite bar code. BarTender passed all 10 certification tests on its first try!

Globally Recognized Standards
GS1 certifications are granted locally, in our case by the US office of the GS1 global standards organization. GS1’s primary mission is to provide common international standards, and their symbology and application specifications are the same everywhere in the world. BarTender's certification by GS1 US is therefore globally recognized and applicable.

The certifications assure both resellers and end users worldwide that they can depend on BarTender as their label design and printing tool when it is essential to satisfy the latest GS1 symbology standards. (For example, BarTender is currently the only bar code software package to be certified against the relatively-new GS1 DataMatrix specification.)

New Features in "Drivers by Seagull" Version 7.2

Drivers by Seagull version 7.2Drivers by Seagull version 7.2 was released on August 30, 2010, adding support for numerous models from several manufacturers, including Argox, BIXOLON, cab, Citizen Systems, Godex, Postek, TSC, Zebra and more. The version 7.2 drivers support the new EPC RFID data formats added to BarTender in version 9.3 SR1. (See the BarTender 9.3 SR1 article here.)

For extensive details, please see:

Recent Printer Driver Enhancements

You can also:

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Information about Other Recent BarTender Updates

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Version 9.0

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