Chemical compliance labeling simplified

février 23, 2021



Chemical manufacturers and distributors contend with a complicated set of global — and sometimes conflicting — labeling regulations.

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling was created by the UN as a single, global way to communicate handling instructions and hazards across languages and geographies. GHS provides strict rules for  the text and pictograms that appear on industrial chemicals during transport.

The UN, however, left it up to each country and jurisdiction to implement GHS its own way, so among the over 65 countries who require GHS, there are at least 65 interpretations, leaving a complicated compliance landscape for the chemical industry. The European Union calls its instance of GHS the Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulation (CLP).

There’s good news: This process doesn’t have to bog down your business. BarTender knows the GHS rules so you don’t have to — they’re built in. By integrating BarTender with your ERP and EH&S systems, hazard information can be automatically rendered into the pictograms and text that GHS requires.

BarTender meshes seamlessly with your packaging process, able to incorporate your warehousing procedures and corporate branding schemes into your labeling and processes.

The software even autosizes pictograms so you can take the best advantage of the limited space on your label, leaving room for branding, things like CofA data, Kosher and Halal marks, even QR codes that can link to more information on your website.

And with BarTender , you can connect labeling to existing data — produce every label you’ll ever need, regardless of where in the world you’re doing business.

BarTender provides robust security settings, including user-based access, so you can lock down any part of a template, creating rules for modification by product, container, geography, business unit or operator.

Complete revision control and audit trail capture makes it simple to track changes throughout the process, as many countries require for compliance. BarTender enables printing to every modern writing system, including all six of the official UN languages, enabling you to operate across the global supply chain.

Use BarTender to create CLP and GHS labeling, and you’ll be able to navigate regulatory compliance like a pro.

More information on BarTender for chemical compliance labeling.

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