BarTender 2021 Preview 2: your early access to BarTender 2021

septembre 01, 2020
By Michael Leo, bartender® senior product marketing manager 


We’ve released BarTender 2021 Preview 2, a fully supported version of BarTender that builds on our Preview 1 release, including a redesigned Print Portal and powerful additions to the BarTender suite we’ve designed with your business needs in mind.  

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Secure remote label printing

Your BarTender documents can be printed via browser access, from any device or operating system that’s connected to the internet — Windows, Android, iOS —anywhere in the world since our Print Portal runs on a web server. It’s a great way to ensure labeling consistency and compliance among your first- and second-tier suppliers, vendors, clients and remote employees.

And Print Portal keeps your system secure.

  • Your administrator assigns permissions to remote users, who sign on to print the labels you want them to, and only those labels.
  • Since Print Portal is browser-based, no local client or app needs to be installed on the user’s system. The user never accesses your network.

Learn more about BarTender Print Portal.  

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Intuitive, graphical workflow management

BarTender 2021 Preview 2 provides configurable workflows that you can use to define document states and transitions, helping you manage life cycles. You can increase the quality of your label production and better facilitate end-to-end project tracking with these capabilities and features:

  • A straightforward graphical drag-and-drop interface to design custom workflow models that are specific to your business needs
  • Ability to create workflows for specific file types or for files housed in specific folders in Librarian document management system
  • Control of who can access and advance files through the workflow at each state in a file's lifecycle
  • Automatic email notifications to specific recipients when files move between workflow steps
  • Access to Print Portal web pages for review and approval of BarTender documents that can then be sent to production

Learn more about Workflows in BarTender 2021 Preview 2.

Servers Transparent

Business continuity, failover and disaster recovery support

New license server redundancy keeps your print production environment running seamlessly in the case a license server fails. Use Administration Console to configure redundancy by setting up license servers in a backup relationship that uses two or three servers. Then, if the main or primary server cannot be reached by the device running BarTender for any reason, the device will automatically connect to the other servers in the relationship.

Learn more about the BarTender automatic failover solution in BarTender 2020 Preview 2

BarTender 2021 Preview 2 is available for immediate download. Try it today to unlock new levels of efficiencies in your labeling. We’re here for you — reach out if you have any questions about BarTender 2021 Preview 2.

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