Accelerate your value chain transformation

janvier 12, 2021

Supply Chain


Businesses need to be nimble.

As companies take a deep dive into value-chain analysis, they are looking for ways to increase efficiency. A more streamlined process creates more value and lowers cost.

Being agile enough to remain streamlined — creating value and lowering costs — while meeting the needs of customers can be a daunting task when factoring in industry standards and regulations.

Standardized labeling process throughout the supply chain increase efficiency, and satisfy the demands of regulation.

Using the proper labeling system can simplify the supply chain in a way that saves money. The wrong labeling system, though, adds complications that create costs — and that isn’t nimble or efficient.

Standardizing the labeling process through the right system fuels the accuracy and efficiency goal of Six Sigma and Lean programs. It allows tracking systems to be deployed deeply into the production cycle, and the provides crucial interoperability between trading partners. It delivers value.

Enterprise labeling software seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and stores everything in a centralized location, allowing a company to make changes to labels in real time, while understanding the regulations that apply to both the industry and product.

BarTender software, backed by its track record of security and reliability, provides all of this functionality, allowing companies to accelerate their value chain transformation by providing the necessary integrated business planning and interoperability through a process that allows simplified deployment, backed by exceptional technical support, and over 30 years of experience.

BarTender is built to meet the complexity of supply chain operating environments. The software provides the agility a company needs to remain competitive as it navigates a supply chain that is constantly evolving and adapting to new standards and regulations.

More than ever, businesses want to adapt in real time. Companies want more value at lower costs. And, when it comes to labeling needs, that’s the impact the BarTender software provides.

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