BarTender 2022 Preview 1 now available

八月 31, 2021

Anytime, anywhere printing for any business just got easier

Today we introduced the first Preview of BarTender® 2022 — built to enable secure, anywhere, anytime printing for any business, and providing new, expanded resources for integration into enterprise environments. BarTender 2022 Preview 1 includes:

  • An enhanced Print Portal, expanding remote printing access to more users 
  • A new SAP HANA® database connector for tighter enterprise integration 
  • A redesigned Print Station for streamlined printing. 

Expanded access to remote printing

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that the flexibility of remote access to business systems is a necessity and not a luxury. While remote label printing with Print Portal has always been available to our Enterprise Edition customers, now it's included with Professional and Automation Editions.

For our customers relying on products like Microsoft Remote Desktop Service or Citrix XenDesktop for their remote printing access, this is a game-changer — organizations of all sizes, using our Professional, Automation or Enterprise Editions, can now print from any device, anywhere, using a modern web browser.

Print Portal

Preview 1 also includes new security, administrative and end-user Print Portal improvements.  

  • All security-related settings have been combined into a new Security tab, and more detailed user permission controls added. 
  • Administrators can assign custom images to root files, making labels and documents simpler to find. 
  • Users can assign folder colors to find label collections and speed up the printing process. 

Enterprise Edition customers have continued access to Print Portal's integration with BarTender's Librarian content management ystem and workflow management tools. Print Portal in Enterprise Edition also provides advanced user access security, centralized data logging, and full audit trail capabilities. 

Admin Print Portal

Redesigned access to dedicated printing

BarTender's Print Station has always been about point-and-click printing. Now, we've improved the user experience. Print Station is used by many of our customers to set up dedicated print stations on their production lines. The redesigned Print Station now has the same look and feel as Print Portal —making the same experience available to all users.

Print Station also has improved performance and streamlined functionality.  

The new interface makes it easy for users to find and open documents, select printers, enter data and print. New grouping and sorting options mean it takes less time for print operators to do their job.  

For Enterprise Edition customers using BarTender's configurable Librarian workflows, authorized users can now use Print Station to access and advance files through workflow states and review and approve BarTender documents for production. 

And like Print Portal, organizations can customize the branding of Print Station with their logos and color schemes to integrate BarTender more seamlessly into their print environment. 


Print Station
Custom Print Station

Direct access to SAP HANA® databases

BarTender 2022 extends BarTender's reach with native support for direct connections with SAP HANA, SAP’s database powering SAP's S/4 HANA and Business One systems, simplifying access to enterprise data. 

The SAP HANA database connector enables access to SAP HANA on-premises software or SAP HANA Cloud services in the same way BarTender can access 20+ other databases. Label designers can directly connect database fields to label template fields and select the records printed at print time.  


How to download BarTender®2022 Preview 1 

BarTender 2022 Preview 1 is available for immediate download. Try it today and see how secure, remote, anywhere, anytime printing and direct connection with SAP HANA databases can make printing and integrating data easier and more effective for your business. 

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