BarTender Web Printer Server v9.3 Service Release Downloads

BarTender Web Print Server ("WPS") version 9.3 was tested to work with BarTender versions 9.3 and 9.4. However, if you are using BarTender 9.4 or higher, we recommend using a newer WPS.

WPS 9.3 became available on November 19, 2010 and introduced the following enhancements:

  • Java Print Client Support: This allows internet printing using browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera in addition to Internet Explorer which was supported by the ActiveX print client (the Active X print client has not changed). The Java Print Client module supports browsers running on Unix based operating systems.
  • Print Directly to a Port: Having a matching printer driver installed on the client is no longer needed, the client may select any printer installed on the server. The user needs to only select printer port and the printer model attached to the port.
  • Print to TCP/IP printers connected on the client's network. An IP Address and port can be selected in the Direct to Port dialog by selecting "New IP Address" in the Printer Port control.
  • Administration Page dialog has been changed to support the new printing options, Direct to Port options, Client-side print module selection, and available Printer Model selection.
  • WPS version numbers will now track those of the current BarTender release. WPS 9.3 SR2 will only work with BT 9.3 SR2 and later versions.
  • Support for BarTender prompt check boxes and radio buttons have been added. To use these you must have at least BarTender 9.3 SR2 installed.
  • Macintosh support has been added. Support is only for "Raw" Macintosh CUPS installed printers. The Safari and Firefox browsers support all printing methods, Chrome and Opera support standard windows printing only.
  • Unix/Linux support has also been added. Firefox supports all printing methods. Chrome and Opera support standard windows printing only.
Software to Download Version Date Size
BarTender Web Print Server 9.3 SR2 19-Nov-2010 12 MB
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