BarTender Web Printer Server v1.1.19 Service Release Downloads

BarTender Web Print Server ("WPS") version 1.1.19 was tested to work with BarTender versions 8.0 through 9.3. However, if you are using BarTender 9.3 or higher, we recommend using a newer WPS.

WPS 1.1.19 became available on July 30th, 2009 and introduced the following enhancements:

  • Full Translations Now Available: WPS version 1.1.19 introduced translations of the WPS user-interface into all 23 languages supported by BarTender. Prior to this update, the user-interface for browsing, selecting and printing labels was only available in English and Japanese.
  • Supports Acrobat 9.0 PDF Converter: For users wishing to "print" labels to an Acrobat PDF file (instead of to a printer), BarTender Web Print Server was originally tested with Acrobat version 5.0. With one of Adobe's updates to Acrobat (some time after the initial release of Web Print Server), Adobe changed the name of one of its Acrobat files. This prevented that and subsequent versions of Acrobat from being used by WPS. This change has now been allowed for in version 1.1.19 of Web Print Server and fully tested using Acrobat version 9. Compatibility with Acrobat versions 6 through 8 is assumed, but WPS has only been formally tested by Seagull with Acrobat versions 5 and 9.

Software to Download Version Date Size
BarTender Web Print Server 1.1, Build 19 30-Jul-2009 18 MB
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