BarTender Training

Learn how to make the most of BarTender through a growing library of training videos, or explore individual instruction via webinars and on-site training.

Webinars and On-Site Training

Product training for BarTender resellers is available; contact your Sales representative for more information. Under special circumstances we can also offer fee-based training to your users.

Users can arrange for training through their BarTender reseller. Users who do not have a reseller or whose reseller does not provide training can contact us to be matched with an appropriate partner.

Training Videos

These training videos are for BarTender 2016. Videos for older versions are also available.

If your topic is not covered here, check the Support Center, the user forum or our white papers for written answers to frequently asked questions..

Getting Started

Getting Started with BarTender

See how easy it is to design templates with BarTender.

Setting Up a Thermal Label Document

How to select media type; specify stock size, label shape and side edge dimension when using custom stock; identify the thermal device for printing; and revise these options later.

Setting Up a Laser/Inkjet Label Document

How to select media type; specify stock size, label shape and margins when using custom stock; identify device for printing; define a label printing order; and revise these options later.

Setting Up a Plastic Card Document

How to set stock size, adjust document orientation to accommodate a magnetic strip, and revise these options later.

General Topics

Double-Sided Card, Tag or Label Printing

How to set up double-sided printing for your card, tag or label, including creating separate designs for the front and back of your document, and activating the duplex feature of your printer.

Exporting Label Images

How to export part or all of your BarTender label as a graphic.

Creating Serial Numbers

BarTender enables the incrementing of serial numbers at a single printer or at printers across a network. Triggers include per-page, per-job, when changes occur in a data source or database field, or when the time or date changes. In this video, you will learn how to set up increments, triggers and multiple number of copies per serial number.

Working with Dates and Times

BarTender supports a wide range of date and time sources and formats. In this video, you will learn how to manage date and time information in several ways, including pulling information directly from the computer or printer’s clock, basing the time and date information on location or time zone, choosing date formats, adding dates and times from an embedded data source or a database, and automatically generating offset dates.

Configuring Julian Dates

BarTender supports a wide range of date and time formats. In this video, you will learn how to automatically transform the standard date formats on your label into the Julian date.

Configuring Your Background

BarTender features high-quality, easy-to-use graphics and design handling. In this video, you will learn how to create a background for your label by adding an image, color, gradient or texture; and how to use a background image as a template for designing a label.

Setting Print Quantity

BarTender gives you multiple ways to change the number of labels to be printed. In this video, you will learn several ways to set the print quantity: manually using the Print dialog or a data-entry form, or automatically using a database field

Specifying Data for Your Labels

Overview of Data Sources

BarTender populates label data from a variety of sources, including local and global databases, external files, object values, Visual Basic scripts, printer code templates, a system or printer clock and embedded data. In this video, you will learn how to specify the data sources for the objects in your label.

Sharing Data Between Objects

With BarTender, the objects in a label template can be linked to the same data source, enabling accuracy in your label data, and efficiency in production. In this video, you will learn how to share data between the text, RFID and barcode objects in your label template.

Designing a Data Entry Form

BarTender 2016 features customizable data entry forms that can be used to input data at print time. In this video you will learn about the different elements available for data entry form design, and how to use them.

Data Entry Forms: Configuring the Record Picker

In this video you will learn how to specify properties of the Record Picker, which ties data to the data entry form, including how data is presented to the print operator, data selection properties, layout, and colors and fonts.

Data Entry Forms: Using the List Controls

In this video you will learn how to create pre-populated data lists using different data sources, including an embedded database, an external file, file names from a folder and Visual Basic Scripting.

The BarTender System Database

Setting Up a System Database

Creating and configuring a BarTender System Database. (The optional System Database is required by BarTender and the Companion Applications for logging, auditing, security management, and advanced document control. It is not used for storing live label data.)

Configuring Permissions to the System Database

Using SQL Management Studio to properly configure user permissions for access to the BarTender System Database.

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