How to integrate with BarTender

Your data your way

Getting data out of your business systems and making it work for your business is critical.  When you want to integrate specific data to your barcode label designs and enable efficient high-speed printing, you face many challenges in using your existing business system. 

Hard-to-manage upgrades

Upgrades and updates are major projects requiring extensive resources and time.

Expensive to customize

Changes to your data infrastructure require custom coding and development.

Not designed for label printing

Limited and hard to use label design and printing functionality

With BarTender Integration Builder, you can easily create new business processes and support existing ones with a comprehensive set of integration methods and actions

As a “no coding needed ” platform, BarTender Integration Builder lets you connect to any business system and data source, execute a variety of actions based on defined trigger events.  With minimal training, your production manager can easily configure system integrations.

  • Any Structure – BarTender can connect and communicate via TCP/IP, UDP or HTTP with direct support for over 20 major databases and data file types

  • Any Source – BarTender can ingest data from anywhere — whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, from any ERP, WMS, MES and business system, no matter what acronym
  • Select from a variety of different data formats including: JSON, XML, SOAP, CSV and other text file formats

  • Any Trigger – BarTender can execute multiple actions with a single trigger using methods including HTTP web service (REST or SOAP), file drop, database monitoring, e-mail, TCP or UDP network port, serial port and MSMQ

  • Any Action - Support a broad range of workflow actions with your transactional data based on triggers including creating an outbound web service request, write back to your database, send an e-mail, or search and replace data fields to facilitate label output and much more with over 70 action types.

Tighter Integration



For even tighter integration, BarTender supports REST APIs and a .NET SDK for custom-built applications or web-based front ends.  You can tightly integrate with the BarTender print engine, print scheduler, print server, Librarian and system database APIs.

Printer code template image

BarTender also supports printer code templates for high-speed production runs.

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