Protect your business from security risks.
Update to BarTender 2022. 

Unmatched security for powerful, future-proof labeling 

Avoid security and compliance risks for your business by updating to BarTender 2022. The latest version of BarTender provides the most comprehensive support against malware and cyber-attacks and centralized control of your labeling workflow. 

Protect your business now with BarTender 2022 

Comprehensive security & compliance 

Ensure business continuity of your labeling with the latest barcode labeling standards (including GS1 and RFID), disaster recovery support, and access to technical support. 

Centralized label workflow control 

Safeguard the integrity of your labeling and increase overall productivity with integrations to centralize your label template management and expanded permissions for internal teams and external partners. 

Expanded integrations & connections 

Automate all areas of your labeling operations with over 20+ data connectors (including Excel Online and Google Sheets) and industry-leading integration methodologies, such as the industry’s only REST API. 

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