Code 93i

Code 93i

Code 93i is an extension of the Code 93 symbology that adds support for Unicode, as well as additional error checking functionality. Code 93i provides some of the highest-density data encoding of any linear symbology.

The Character Set

Code 93i is capable of encoding the full 128 ASCII character set.

The Symbology Structure

Each character in a Code 93i symbol is made up of three bars and three spaces, each of which can be single, double, triple, or quadruple thickness. These six elements are spread out over a space of nine modules.

A Code 93i symbol can be structured either with two check digits or with error correction.

Symbology Structure with Check Digits

  • Leading quiet zone
  • Start character
  • One or more characters representing the data and special characters
  • Two check digits
  • Code 93i stop character
  • Trailing quiet zone

Symbology Structure using Error Correction

  • Leading quiet zone
  • 93i start character
  • Three error correction characters
  • One or more characters representing the first part of the data and special characters
  • A special features flag character followed by a symbol length indicator character
  • Zero, one, or more characters representing the rest of the data and special characters
  • Three error correction characters
  • Code 93 stop character
  • Trailing quiet zone

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