What's New in BarTender 10.1

With BarTender 10.1, we have made the best printing and marking software even better by introducing a long list of features and improvements to support more complex designs and solve some of your toughest real-world problems.

New "Layers" Capability for Superior Design Flexibility

The new layers capability brings unmatched versatility to your label and card designs. You can hide or print layers based on specific conditions. You can add mandatory content to a layer and then lock it with a password so it cannot be changed by other designers. And you can use layers to print content to specific panels of security cards, including monochrome black, UV fluorescing, and overlay panels. (Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)

The World’s Most Comprehensive Barcode Support

BarTender 10.1 extends the world’s best barcode application with 34 more symbologies (95 total), including iQR, GS1 QR and many additional 2D, circular and linear codes, plus more health care and postal symbologies.

Enhanced Serialization

BarTender 10.1 improves serialization flexibility, including serialization per-page or per-job, or when a data source or database field changes. It can also now reset counters for each database record, or when a data source or database field changes, or when the time or date changes.

New Global Data Fields

Global data fields can share data sources among all documents that use the same BarTender system database — letting you, for example, share an incrementing serial number with documents across your network.(Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)


New Custom Page Templates

When you print multiple pages of labels, BarTender can now print data outside the labels, such as printing "Page 3: Labels 21-30" in the header or footer. (Available in the BarTender Professional edition and higher.)

New Conditional Printing

BarTender 10.1 makes conditional printing easy, so your designs can support more complex conditions. Tell templates, layers and even objects "when to print" based on a single data source or database field, or on multiple conditions — all without scripting. (Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)

Redesigned Print Station and Web Print Server

Print Station can now show documents from multiple file locations. Web Print Server now looks and feels like BarTender’s print wizard. Both applications now support Print Preview, plus the ability to use documents from Librarian.

Improved Usability and Design

It’s easier than ever to design and print in BarTender 10.1:

  • Align objects easily by snapping them to other objects, not just to the ruler
  • Copy style and barcode properties from one object to another — or even between templates and documents — with the new Format Painter
  • Connect lines together to more easily move label-segmenting lines or create custom shapes
  • Hover your cursor to see which object would be selected if you clicked
  • Edit pictures after they have been embedded in a document
  • Apply image processing effects such as cropping permanently
  • Center objects in rectangular regions
  • Show the names of data sources and database fields on objects that use them
  • Enter on-screen edit mode for text objects with a single click, so you can replace the text more quickly
  • Enter dates more easily with the new calendar/date picker


Additional New Features

BarTender 10.1 also introduces:

  • Enhanced Select Barcode browser, including search and alternative names
  • Better support for print-and-apply engines, including the ability to print an unlimited quantity until cancelled
  • Encoding of pictures and other binary data into barcodes, RFID tags and smart cards for security applications
  • Creation of named data sources without a specific object — effectively creating a “variable” that can be copied between documents
  • And dozens of other new and enhanced capabilities

For more details, read the What’s New in BarTender 10.1 White Paper (English, 繁體中文, 日本語).

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