Upgrading from the "UltraLite" Editions of BarTender

Your printer manufacturer or reseller provided the BarTender UltraLite Edition so you could quickly start creating labels for your new printer. The UltraLite Edition is very similar to the Basic Edition,* so it might be all you ever need for basic design and printing. However, it does not include important features that many companies require, such as:

  • Printing data from spreadsheets, text files, databases and ERP systems;
  • Automated and conditional printing;
  • RFID and smart card encoding; and
  • Centralized printing and administration.

For these features, you need one of BarTender’s more powerful editions: Professional, Automation or Enterprise Automation.

It's easy and free to try one of these more advanced editions for up to 30 days, either within the UltraLite Edition or by downloading the latest Trial Edition.

Try BarTender’s Full Features – in UltraLite

When you first install the BarTender UltraLite Edition, you can enable a 30-day trial of the other, more powerful editions. You can also begin a trial anytime within the first 30 days after installing the UltraLite Edition:

  1. In the BarTender main menu, click Help, Edition Selection.
  2. If you want to review the features in each edition, click the List All Edition-Specific Features... button.
  3. Select the edition you want to try, and click OK.

You will now have access to most features of the BarTender edition you selected. In the software dialogs, these trial features will be clearly marked.

No matter when you enable the trial, it ends 30 days after you first install the BarTender UltraLite Edition. Your UltraLite Edition will still work, and your label templates will not be affected, but if you continue to use any trial features, BarTender will randomly change one character in each barcode and text field on the printed labels.

Try the Latest Version of BarTender – Free!

Your new printer might have been stored in a warehouse for a long time. Or maybe you installed it a long time ago. Either way, your UltraLite Edition might not be the latest version of BarTender.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get the latest 30-day Trial Edition for free, and you can install it without affecting your UltraLite Edition:

Version: BarTender 2016 R8, released 2018-09-05.

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Want to learn more about the four editions of BarTender? Start here.

* The UltraLite Edition supports only one brand of printer. Other BarTender editions support any printer that uses a Windows printer driver.

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—Rick Schilling, President, Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi)