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  • Free Business Label Toolkit: Robust design tools, Intelligent Templates and Basic Printing

    Core Design Features: Text, barcodes, lines, shapes, pictures, tables and more!

    Create Intelligent Templates: Reduce your label and document library by using auto-fit, text wrapping, conditional printing, layers and more.

    Printer Drivers by Seagull: Print labels, cards, barcodes and more at optimized speeds.

    Other Printer Drivers: Compatible with standard manufacturers’ drivers to print labels, cards, barcodes and more.

    Transform Data Dynamically: Modify or repair data with design tools prior to printing.

  • Dynamic Business Printing: Databases, data entry, security, encoding and manual printing

    Transform Data Dynamically with Scripts: Modify or repair data before printing by leveraging VB scripting.

    Create Electronic Documents: Print 2000 e-docs a week with one printer license.

    Use Databases: Read and write data from text files, databases and Excel spreadsheets.

    Create a Database: Create your own simple database with Data Builder.

    Data-Entry Forms: Design data-entry forms that enable data input by keyboard or barcode scanner and provide data verification at print time.

    Multiple Records: Create packing slips, pallet labels and more by combining multiple records on a single document.

    More than Barcodes: RFID, Smart Card and Magnetic Stripe Encoding

    Image Capture: Capture images from cameras to print on cards.

    User-Based Security: Secure select BarTender design and print processes throughout your organization by user.

  • Efficient Automated Printing: Intelligent Forms and application building

    Integration Builder: Automatically print from another system or device in response to data transactions, web services and more.

    Create Intelligent Forms: Build scripts, actions and processes that respond automatically to user input or selections at print time.

    Process Builder: Build a customized print application without knowing how to code.

    .NET SDK: Build your own application that seamlessly interfaces with BarTender's API.

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Printing: Certified integrations, comprehensive security, and browser and mobile printing

    SAP Certified Integrations: Seamlessly print labels and more within SAP.

    Oracle Validated Integrations: Oracle Gold Partner resulting in seamless integrations with Oracle.

    Comprehensive User Based Security: Secure all BarTender design and print processes throughout your organization by user.

    Document Control: Centralized template repository that controls versioning, approval processes, and deployment.

    Electronic Signatures and Document Encryption:  Ensure end-to-end security and compliance in regulated industries.

    Printer Failover: Avoid costly down time by automatically switching printers across your network.

    Web Browser and Mobile Device Printing: Print directly from your web browser and/or mobile device.

    Device Management and Consumables Tracking: Monitor live print status, view detailed history of system usage and track print consumables.

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