Upgrading from the "UltraLite" Editions of BarTender

Your printer manufacturer or reseller provided the BarTender UltraLite Edition so you could quickly start creating labels for your new printer. But the UltraLite Edition does not include important features that many companies require, such as:

  • Printing data from spreadsheets, text files, databases and ERP systems;
  • Automated and conditional printing;
  • RFID and smart card encoding; and
  • Centralized printing and administration.

For these features, you need one of BarTender’s more powerful editions: Professional, Automation or Enterprise.

It's easy and free to try the latest version of these more advanced editions by downloading the Free Edition.

* The UltraLite Edition supports only one brand of printer. Other BarTender editions support any printer that uses a Windows printer driver.

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